Samsung QN900A Neo QLED (65 Inches): Features, Reviews, and Price

If you are looking for the best in technology and image quality that Samsung can offer, this is your model. The Samsung QN900A is the company’s flagship TV for this year. A device with Neo QLED technology, 8K resolution, advanced gaming mode, and a really attractive design with a thin panel (the connectors go through the One Connect box that is camouflaged in the stand). In this article, we are focusing on its 65-inch configuration, although you can also find it in 75 and 85 inches. You can already buy it through the Samsung website and has a price of nothing for $3,499. Here are its main features.

Samsung QN900A Neo QLED Datasheet

 Samsung QN900A
Diagonal65 inches (also available in 75 and 85 inches)
Resolution and technology8K 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, Active HDR, HDR 10+ and Quantum HDR 3000, Ultimate 8K Dimming Pro, 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot, FreeSync Premium Pro
Panel typeLED with Neo QLED technology
ProcessorNeo QLED 8K Processor with Artificial Intelligence
Operating systemTizen
ControlSamsung Smart Control
Sound6 speakers with a total power of 80W 6.2.2, OTS Pro (Object Tracking Sound Pro)
Connections4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, Ethernet
Wireless connectivityWiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
MediumCentral metal base
OthersFreeSync Premium Pro
One Connect Box 
Anti-glare display
Enhanced VA panel with wider viewing angles
Dimensions (with base)1433.1 x 892.0 x 300.5 mm
Weight (with stand)30.1 kilos
Release dateAvailable

This Year, the Advance in Technology is Great

As an unwritten law, with televisions, it usually happens that major changes in technology and image quality happen every two years. And this year marks a notable leap with the arrival of Neo QLED technology. Marketing aside, what we find here is the use of Mini LEDs to backlight the TV. These LEDs are forty times smaller than traditional ones, so they can illuminate much smaller areas of the panel and create an experience much closer to what you get with OLED TVs. That is very sharp colors and the absence of effects such as blooming (the halos of light surrounding points of intense light, something that is very clear if you have white lettering on a black background as in movie titles). The Samsung QN900A panel is capable of reproducing 100% of the color volume.

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Samsung has opted for a VA-type LED panel, which improves contrast but has worse viewing angles. And that’s where artificial intelligence comes in with improved light dispersion so you can view this TV without problems from the sides. It also highlights a dedicated game mode and FreeSync Premium Pro technology to avoid the effects of tearing or horizontal stripes that can be seen in games where the action reigns and suffer traditional screens.

8K Resolution and Premium Audio

8K is increasingly present in premium TVs, although native content in this resolution is still very few. To bridge this gap between TV technology and content offerings, the Samsung QN900A incorporates a powerful 8K processor with an image rescaling system that analyzes images pixel by pixel in real-time to improve quality and give you an experience much closer to what you would have with enhanced content.

But if the image is the great workhorse of this TV, in the audio experience Samsung has not wanted to be left behind. It is true that if you are already willing to pay $4,799 for a TV you will probably complete it with a premium soundbar, but by itself, this TV offers a very interesting alternative. We are talking about six speakers that allow you to create a audio configuration and have a total power of 80W. The OTS Pro (Object Tracking Sound Pro) technology is renewed with higher performance to be able to analyze the position in space of the objects that appear on the screen and give you the feeling that the sound comes from each point and moves with the object.

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A Truly Premium Design with OneConnect Box

Increasingly, top LED TVs are moving closer and closer to OLED TVs. The point is that while OLED TVs don’t need extra layers to emit light, LEDs do. But with improving technologies like Mini LEDs, this difference is getting smaller and smaller, and the 65-inch Samsung QN900A TV demonstrates this with a really thin panel. This is also reinforced by the use of the OneConnect box, which is the one that contains all the physical connectors you’re going to need and frees them from the back: 4 HDMI ports, three USB ports, and network input via cable. This box looks like a DVD player or a PS4. At first glance, it looks like a cumbersome extra, but the key to this box is that it can be placed on the back of the stand hiding it from view. Speaking of the stand, it is a metal stand with enough weight to ensure the stability of the TV and also has a very elegant and minimalist touch. The same as the frames of the panel, which are almost imperceptible and help to have that infinite screen experience.

Samsung QN900A

When it comes to the interface, if you like the Samsung experience, it is very complete, with many options and quick access to the most popular apps. In addition, you have a free Samsung TV Plus service, with several movie channels, series, or cartoons that give an extra to the experience. That yes, I am not convinced by the fact that there is a section of advertising in this interface (as if it were another app) or that preference is given in the app interface chosen by Samsung over those downloaded outside that list.

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Samsung QN900A

Pricing and Availability of the Samsung QN900A

The 65-inch Samsung QN900A is available for purchase on Samsung Store, and it has an official market price of $3,499. This is a complete TV, with a picture technology that takes the hiccups and a very advanced audio system, in addition to the quality of its design. Of course, its cost puts it far from most pockets, so few will be able to afford this TV.

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