Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet: Google completes its ecosystem with its first watch and its new tablet

And it has finally become a reality. After years of waiting and rumors, Google has officially presented its Pixel Watch. It has done so in the Google I/O 2022 event, showing us its final design and telling us about some of its functions. Information about its internal features will have to wait, but we already have some traces of what is to come.

In addition, after years of ignoring this type of device, Google has also announced its Pixel Tablet, which will be the first Pixel-branded tablet. Again, we’ve only been given a first glimpse of what it will look like, but we’re going to tell you everything we’ve been able to find out about it.

The first watch made by Google arrives

Google Pixel watch

Although during the event they have pretty much passed over the news of Wear OS, Google has taken the moment to announce the Pixel Watch, the smartwatch that will hit the market in the fall along with the Pixel 7. Therefore, we will still have to wait a few months to be able to know in-depth everything that is inside.

What we do know is what’s going to be on the outside, with a sleek minimalist design with a circular, tactile crown. It is made from recycled materials, and customizable straps that you will be able to remove and interchange. All this is to offer you the best Wear OS experience on your wrist, or at least the experience that Google thinks is ideal.

The watch will have an improved Wear OS interface, with smoother navigation and smart notifications. All with Google Assistant features, allowing you to talk to the watch to interact with the assistant. On the watch, you will also be able to receive directions from Google Maps even without your phone nearby, or carry your cards and pay directly with it using the Google Wallet app.

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Google Pixel watch

The Pixel Watch will also have the new Google Home app for Wear OS available, allowing you to interact from the watch with your connected home, turning off or dimming the brightness of your lights, receiving alerts, or changing thermostat settings.

Finally, the Pixel Watch will have deep integration with Fitbit, which will allow you to record the quality of your sleep, check your best active zones while working out, and compete with other friends who also have it.

About its launch, Google has only said that it will be available next fall and that they will be unveiling more details over the coming months. Therefore, we still have to wait a few weeks until new details and internal specifications of this watch are revealed.

Google tries its luck again with tablets

Google Pixel Tablet

One of the legs that were limping the most in the Android ecosystem was the little care that Google has been giving to tablets. This has changed at Google I/O 2022, where Android 13 has brought multiple new features to improve the tablet experience. And to take advantage of this moment and its seemingly renewed commitment to this type of device, the search engine company has also given us the first preview of the Pixel Tablet.

Here, Google has made it clear that it is a product that is not expected until 2023, but even though they are not used to announcing them so far in advance they have decided to let us see its design. The device has a rounded design at the corners, with a design that reminds us quite a bit of Pixel mobiles from previous generations.

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Google Pixel Tablet

The search engine company has not given details of the device or its manufacture and considering how far away its release date is it would not be surprising if there were changes in the design. What they have said is that it will integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Pixel ecosystem of devices to offer us the most useful experience possible.

Therefore, this announcement comes as an attempt to reinforce its commitment to tablets. Come on, don’t just stop with them saying that they are going to improve and adapt the Android interface, but show that they are also working on their hardware as part of this commitment. As we have said, it will arrive throughout 2023, so we still have several months ahead of us until we have more details about it.

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