MacBook Pro 16: Check Out the Pros and Cons Before You Buy

MacBook Pro 16″ is Apple’s latest high-end notebook. The model, which is on sale at the official apple store for $2,399, features the new Magic Keyboard, which replaces the problematic standard Butterfly. The computer also brings improvements in hardware, such as a larger screen and the expectation of greater battery life, but may disappoint in aspects such as repairability, for example. Check below the main positive and negative points of the product and see if it’s worth it to you.


High performance

The 16-inch MacBook pro promises good speed for all kinds of tasks. The main change is in the graphics card: in the input version, the computer comes with AMD’s Radeon Pro 5300M 4GB GDDR6. The GPU replaces the Radeon Pro 555X, present in the previous 15-inch model with the same 4GB and older GDDR5 VRAM standard.

In the more robust version of the 16″ PC, the Vega 20 uses the Radeon Pro 5500M, 4 or 8 GB, which delivers up to 80% more graphics performance. Since the MacBook Pro is not game-oriented, the changes should make a difference mainly in design and video editing work.

Processor options are based on Intel’s ninth-generation Core i7, six-core, 2.6GHz, or Core i9, eight-core, 2.3GHz. These chips were also present in the 15-inch Macbook Pro, but the heat dissipation system present in the current version of the computer is expected to keep performance constant even for demanding tasks. MacBook Pro 16″ also gained in RAM, with a minimum of 16GB and a maximum of 64GB.

Premium design

The model follows Apple’s tradition with a premium design and magnesium alloy construction, which should mean good durability. Apple computers are usually in good working order for a long time, something that, in a way, can justify the high investment. Proof of this is the extended support of macOS, a system whose latest version is compatible with units manufactured from 2012 onwards.

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The notebook brings again a good quality keyboard, replacing the old butterfly standard, besides offering a display with thin edges. With this, the narrower edges of the Full HD screen (3072 x 1920 pixels) should provide a pleasant feeling of immersion for users. The large trackpad and Touch Bar are also kept in the product.

High-quality speakers

MacBook Pro 16"

One of the main changes of the new MacBook Pro 16″ is in the audio system. There are six speakers in all, plus woofers that provide vibration cancellation to enhance the sound, especially bass. Because of that, many reviews over the Internet have praised the laptop’s audio playback.

The laptop also brings a new set of microphones that tend to offer good audio capture in meetings. This way, the news improves the reputation of a computer for professionals such as DJs, and music producers, among others.

Battery with good battery life.

The 100 Wh battery promises up to 11 hours of use for the 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019, even when connected to Wi-Fi and playing videos, for example. So the laptop should have enough autonomy for a day’s work, for example, even in types of use that require more hardware. The loading is done through any of the four USB-C ports supporting the Thunderbolt 3 standard. These inputs also promise high data transfer speed, in the range of 40 Gb/s, being compatible with up to four simultaneous monitors with 6K resolution.


Limited connectivity

Despite the good amount of Thunderbolt 3 ports, the connectivity options of MacBook Pro 16″ stop there. The computer doesn’t offer a memory card reader, nor does it offer inputs in the traditional USB-A or HDMI format. Features like these are often useful for professionals, who are precisely the target audience for this line of Apple computers. Photographers who use their Mac to edit images, for example, need an adapter to transfer photos from their camera.

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Wireless connectivity isn’t the best offer, either. The laptop is not compatible with the latest industry-standard Wi-Fi 6 and also does not support a data chip. Some newer laptops have come with this feature, something interesting to keep the machine always connected.

Low reparability

iFixit is a site that specializes in electronic disassembly and repair, gave the MacBook Pro 2019 16-inch minimum grade in the reparability test. Apple’s computer was found to be very difficult to repair mainly because RAM and SSD come soldered on the motherboard. In addition, access to the other components is quite complicated, such as the keyboard, fingerprint sensor, Touch Bar, and screen.

These features make computer repair more expensive when there is no longer a factory warranty and can force the user to seek Apple’s expert service even when the repair is no longer free. It’s also impossible to upgrade memory or storage on your own, as is often the case with many other brands of notebooks.

High price

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is another Apple product that comes at a relatively high price. Its initial price is $2,399, with a Core i7 processor option and 512GB of storage. The more expensive option with preset specifications comes for $2,799, equivalent to the Core i9 machine and 1 TB of SSD.

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