How to Easily Recover Data from Macbook Pro: Best Methods

Losing data from a Macbook is always stressful, no matter how much you lose. Such situations can seriously damage the results of your work or destroy happy memories contained in photos or videos. 

Still, we are here to tell you that this is a reversible process, and you can restore your files. To illustrate this idea, we also prepared a list of the best-proven ways to restore any kind of data from Mac, so check it out. 

Restoring Permanently Deleted Files and Folders on Mac: 5 Sure-Fire Ways

Even if your file is no longer in the Trash bin, it is still very much present on the computer. You just have to use the right data recovery software to get them! 

  1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill for Mac is an outstanding Macbook data recovery software helping out with data loss on various Mac versions and is powerful to recover data from Macbook Pro as well. What did it impress us with? 

  • supporting more than 400 file formats, including the rarely used ones
  • scanning RAW devices
  • retrieving files and restoring partitions 
  • performing recovery on dead and damaged devices
  • free recovery evaluation
  • simple user interface
  1. TestDisk

A lot of users first come looking for on-budget or unpaid recovery software, and Test Disk is one such option. But be prepared that the Test Disk has a complicated UI, so it’s only great for those already familiar with data restoration and who know how to use the command line. 

The tool boasts a great recovery success rate, deals with a large number of data loss scenarios, and allows retrieving many file formats. We recommend giving it a try if you’re into free tools and are ready to learn how to use this challenging instrument. 

  1. DiskWarrior
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If you search for a professional service to deal with your data loss, this one will be the right to choose. DiskWarrior allows you to restore files on Mac OS 10.11 and later. 

DiskWarrior’s unique features include:

  • recovering files and folders even from encrypted hard drives and NTFS drives
  • being APFS compatible
  • repair of corrupt media files

If you’re more interested in how to get back a whole folder, see the guide to recover deleted folders on Mac. The cost of this program is $120; the free version, however, doesn’t let you recover files. 

  1. R-Studio.

This tool also delivers great results, but it is special as it works through a network. It digs partitions on Linux, Macintosh, Windows, FreeBSD, or Solaris and is perfect for cases of company data loss where great volumes of hard drives need scanning. 

Mind that R-Studio comes in a bundle with other expert tools and target pros. So, an average user would better prefer something more comprehensive in use, such as Disk Drill.  

  1. Data Rescue (6). 

To crown our list with another simple tool for Macbook Pro recovery, we chose Data Rescue 6. This tool combines the best features of Disk Drill, such as deep and quick scan with the possibility to use Time Machine.  

It is great that you can choose the source for scanning here, use the hard drive cloning feature, and save the history of all your scan results. 

So, these are the widely used and high-rated methods that have been saving personal files and work documents for hundreds of Mac users worldwide. Try them out to become another lucky one who fought for your files and got them back! 

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