Everything You Need to Know About Owlet & Their Quest to Change Digital Marketing

Physical markets will always have their relevance in society but the emergence of the internet has provided a new market for entrepreneurs interested in scaling their businesses. Since Bob Kahn and Vinton Cerf invented the internet communication protocols, the internet has been growing and expanding on all sides. This expansion has made the internet a large market for entrepreneurs with businesses to sell. And just like a physical marketplace, the need for a store, advertising, and marketing is ever important. Step in Owlet. Owlet seeks to help entrepreneurs to expand their business, reach, visibility, and sales through two different platforms;

  • The-Owlet


  • The-Owlette

The-Owlet; Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Social Media is now one of the most powerful marketing tools with the ability to communicate with a target audience in real-time. Understanding social media marketing is vital if a business wants to boost sales and visibility. There are 4.3 billion social media users at the moment and that is around 59% of the whole world. It makes sense for business owners to utilize these social media platforms to market their business.

The-Owlet is a social media marketing agency that specializes in social media management services for resellers. The-Owlet wants to create a strong social media presence, maintain it, and leverage it to market products & services? The-Owlet bridges the social media gap between clients and their prospective customers, harnessing expertise on social media to engage customers with content, maintain the pages, and promote products to increase revenue. This is done by developing a social media strategy that grows an audience and empowers them. Business owners looking to expand through social media can depend on The-Owlet to curate a social media strategy for their business with the aim of increasing reach/visibility and sales.

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Looking to expand your social media reach and generate more profit, visit TheOwlet.com to register your business to make more sales.

The Owlette; An Online Market For Your Business

The Owlette has a simple mission, to provide an easy, accessible online market to buy and sell goods and services. This means that customers can do everything from buying a local grinding machine to hiring a web developer for their latest project. Customers can hire a furniture maker or purchase their next car on The Owlette. It connects freelancers to people who can hire them and provides an easy method for consumers to purchase their products of need. It affords young people the opportunity to develop a side hustle by placing their products for sale and skills for hire. This online marketplace gives the youth limitless earning possibilities without the dogma of the 9-5 hustle. It is an opportunity for students to grow their side businesses and put their skills to use and in the process gain financial and professional freedom.

The Owlette is an opportunity to grow small businesses and/or services into a profitable venture. The lack of a physical shop is no longer a barrier to retail victory. Adventurous retailers can take advantage of The Owlette to sell their products and services. The Owlette’s online marketplace makes it easier to gain new customers as businesses/freelancers can reach a wider variety of customers who may not have heard of their product or service. A simple keyword search on The Owlette can display client products in a list with other brands and competitors, this is not only good for competition but brand awareness too. The Owlette presents an opportunity for business owners to expand their online presence, engage new or casual buyers, and simply sell their products & services. Visit The Owlette to start buying, selling, and hiring.

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