Coronavirus Quarantine: 6 Ways to Entertain Kids Online

The Coronavirus Quarantine must also be respected by the children, even resulting in the suspension of schools or classes. With children at home, many parents need to use their creativity to entertain and educate their children during the quarantine. Cartoons in streaming services, digital books for children, and online educational activities can be a good option to entertain children. With that in mind, Techidence has prepared a list of seven online tools to help entertain kids during the isolation of the coronavirus.

1. Discovery Kids

The Discovery Kids Plus website gathers videos, digital books, and games related to the drawings displayed on the channel. Children can also participate in educational activities such as seven errors and puzzle games. Peppa Pig, Mr. Magoo, Angry Birds, and George, the Curious One are among the characters who star in the content.

2. YouTube Kids

With YouTube Kids, parents can let their children browse the video portal without worry. That’s because, in addition to providing only children’s content, the YouTube version for children allows caregivers to customize the catalog and block videos they don’t consider appropriate. The child’s profile preferences can only be changed by parents by entering a password.

3. e-learningforkids

The e-learningforkids is much more than an environment for children’s story consumption. In addition to stories, the platform provides a number of resources to enrich children’s learning with regard to language acquisition and development. It is possible, for example, to alternate between different forms of reading and playing with games that work on the content covered in the stories. Although the child can navigate the e-learningforkids on their own, the site provides guidance so that parents know how to enhance their children’s learning experience.

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4. Online coloring activities

Coloring activities are great for relaxing both adults and children. In the lack of chalk wax to entertain the little ones, the mouse can break a branch. Sites like Coloring Online allow children to paint drawings with animals, castles, pirates, princesses and many other themes. If you wish, the person in charge can print the artwork.

5. Quick Draw

A kind of “Smart Paint” from Google, the Quick Draw site allows you to test children’s skills with drawings. The tool stipulates 20 seconds for you to draw a simple object, while a neural network tries to guess what you are scribbling. Besides being fun, the tool can help you work on the children’s spatial motion and motor control.

6. Storytelling in Instagram

There are profiles on Instagram like @youngstorytellers that are dedicated to telling children’s stories. The activity, which can be assisted by parents and children, entertains at the same time as it helps to transmit values and develop a taste for reading.

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