China Launches First 6G Internet Satellite

China sent to space a 6G internet test satellite. The experiment aims to evaluate the performance of the high-frequency terahertz spectrum. The sixth-generation connection is expected to be presented to the public in 2030 and will enable lossless transmissions in space to provide long-distance communications with the bonus of very high speeds.

In February, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology said the technology has the prospect of reaching up to 1 TB (terabyte) per second, which would be 8,000 times faster than 5G.

The satellite will also test intelligent tools for the city. The goal is to optimize environmental protection and disaster prevention. The experiment also studies whether 6G can provide monitoring tools that can prevent forest fires, for example.

6G has not yet been implemented in any country, but the fifth-generation internet has already arrived in some regions. 5G is the trend for innovative bets on smart devices beyond the cell phone. The use of the connection is foreseen both inside the home, and in usual objects such as lamps, washing machines, security cameras, and even in autonomous cars, for example.

Even if not everyone experiences the 5G era yet, 6G promises to bring even more novelties than the previous generation. Companies such as Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei already command operations to enter the race of implementing the new technology. Japanese operators have also already made investments in this area.

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