7 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin On The Internet

The speculative value of cryptocurrencies in the current stock market is well known. Bitcoin is, perhaps, the virtual currency with the most pull, and therefore, with the highest acceptance among the general public. But beyond its use as an exchange currency for purchase and sale transactions, buying with Bitcoin opens up a whole range of possibilities in terms of commercial transactions, although not always within the law.

Having been intimately related to the purchase of products or services through the Deep Web throughout its history. The truth is that paying with Bitcoin is something that we can carry out on any web page of the Internet that we know.

Video Games

Some of the most popular video game buying and selling platforms in 2019 support payment for services and products via Bitcoin. Far from being an uncommon practice. Steam, the best-known video game platform in history, eventually supported payment with Bitcoin in 2017.

During that same year, the company itself decided to discontinue payment with cryptocurrencies due to the high volatility of its value. Let’s remember that in 2017 the value of Bitcoin reached over 16,000 euros, which caused a ‘market break’ between buyers and sellers.

Software and Operating Systems

In addition to digital keys for video games and related services, buying programs and computer software in general with Bitcoin is more than feasible in 2021.

Microsoft is perhaps the best-known company: not long ago, they integrated balance in the form of Bitcoin to buy any product derived from the company. Examples are the Windows 10 licenses, subscriptions to Microsoft Office, etc.

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In addition to Microsoft, other pages support payment via Bitcoin, as is the case of Gyft.

Physical Stores (Internet Cafe, Clinics)

There is a whole compendium of physical stores that accept payments through cryptocurrencies. Although it is not widely used, the number of stores that support payment with Bitcoin is increasing: from a computer store to a dental clinic.


To check the stores that accept payment with Bitcoin, you can resort to websites such as Coinmap, where a map is shown with all those stores compatible with payment with Bitcoin that users have previously registered. Most of these payments, however, have to be made over the Internet, either through a proprietary payment gateway or through a transaction through a virtual wallet.

General Computing (Computers, Components)

Are you looking for computers, components, or accessories related to computers? Some reputable stores have payment methods using cryptocurrencies, such as Newegg, one of the most popular stores.

Trips, Flights, and Events

In 2018 the case of Expedia was very well known; the flight web reservations allowed the purchase of tickets through Bitcoin and more than 30 cryptocurrencies.

Part of the original reason has to do with the release of Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency trading application today. The good news is that many pages allow you to buy tickets, flights, invitations, and endless services derived from the aforementioned virtual currency.

Goods and Products (Clothing, Accessories, Gadgets)

Until a few months ago, Gearbest, one of China’s largest alternatives to Aliexpress, accepted Bitcoin payments.

Although today the web no longer offers this option, it is possible to find different pages that allow us to buy products ranging from simple fashion accessories to gadgets and computer items. Showrooomprive and Overstock are some of these stores.

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Food and Restaurant Services

Some restaurant chains such as KFC or Subway support payment with Bitcoin at their stores in several locations in the United States and Europe.

Although the method has not yet been implemented in the respective web pages of the stores, a virtual wallet is required to complete the payment. Unfortunately, this method of payment is falling into disuse for the reasons mentioned above.

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