4 Facts You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence

When we hear the words artificial intelligence, our minds go back to a number of things. Whether it’s the Terminator or the hosts from Westworld, in most cases, we imagine a dystopia where humans get killed by their own creations. To what extent is this true? To no extent! However, the following four facts about AI are guaranteed and science-backed.

1.  There are Two Types of AI

The reason AI won’t come to overpower us any time soon is that there are two types of artificial intelligence. What’s often depicted in movies and series is called general AI. It is the ability of a machine to understand and reason its way out of any situation it is presented with. As you see, it’s too broad and too complex, which is why it has not yet been made. On the other hand, narrow AI, the type used today, is the ability of a machine to perform a limited set of tasks.

2.  You Can Implement AI in Your Business

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence is accessible to anyone and any type of business, regardless of its size and field. You can even start the integration process by a simple website upgrade as, according to smartboost AI, you can program an AI bot to interact with clients and vendors. Not just that, but through its analytical ability, this technology can also help you understand which aspect of your website is functioning well and which needs to be optimized for a better user experience and a higher lead conversion rate. All the big companies are already using AI, which says a lot about what needs to be done to advance and expand your business further.

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3.  Machines Can Learn

The fascinating part about artificial intelligence is the fact that it’s highly dependent on machine learning. As strange as it sounds, machines can actually learn about you by observing your habits and analyzing your reactions to customize your Youtube and Instagram feeds and your generated Spotify playlists based on your online behavior. The more you positively interact with a certain type of content, the more of it you’ll find in your feed. That is also why you are presented with advertisements related to your search history.

4.  AI Won’t Replace Human Workers

There has always been a chronic fear of workers being replaced by machines. The truth is, machines won’t replace workers, but they will change the way workers work. The same way graphic designing software didn’t put an end to artists, but it helped them access new territories. One thing we know for sure is that you won’t ever have to carry out a meaningless, repetitive task when we have AI around. Just let the machine do it.

While the potential of AI technology is yet to be fully explored, there is no denying the lengths we’ve come so far. Now, artificial intelligence functions to help us achieve what we physically can’t and take care of what we don’t want to handle. Soon, we’ll be able to hand off all the drone work to actual drones, and instead, dedicate all of our energy and focus to the tasks that truly require our attention.

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