Xnspy Android V6.3.2 Review: Screen recorder for IM, Faster Backups, and a lot more

XNSPY is a monitoring app that allows concerned parents to keep an eye on their children’s activities by tracking their phones. While it enables employers to monitor their employees using the same method.

The latest version 6.3.2 of the XNSPY Android social media monitoring app comes equipped with new features and some much-needed updates. It’s a pioneering app in its industry. So, people expect it to keep improving its spying features. Providing its user(s) more control over what activity to track on a phone and how.

But, first, for those who don’t know about spyware; an explanation is in order.

What is a Spyware?

Spyware is nothing more or less of a software/application that hides within a PC or phone to secretly monitor activities happening on and around it. Spyware apps once installed on a smartphone remove all their traces. That’s why they are usually undetectable as they should be being a “spy app.”

New Features offered with XNSPY V6.3.2

With the latest versions come new features and they are found in the following ways:

  • An all-new screen recorder for IM apps is introduced in the recent update of the XNSPY social media monitoring app. 

    Its developers claim that users often missed out on the details while tracking IM chats. But now, with the new screen recording feature, users will be able to receive periodic screenshots of the IM chats when a relative app is in use. More details on Instant Messaging apps that can be monitored using this spyware will be shared at a later juncture.
  • Quicker backup time is another upgrade in this XNSPY v6.3.2. As most tracking is done in real-time. So, it’s always good to receive fetched data as soon as possible for better and timely monitoring. 

  • Many other smaller tweaks are made to let the phone tracking app perform and appear better than its previous versions.

Its Price, Availability, and Compatibility


Even with all the newly introduced functions, the XNSPY Android monitoring app is available at the same price as its previous packages. Because the Basic version is still being offered at USD 4.99 a month with limited spying features. While the premium package is, again, costing up to USD 7.49 per month.

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As far as its compatibility is concerned, the app’s latest Android version is fully compatible with all Android phones in the market. So, it supports all smartphones running on Android v4.0 up to the latest Android 11. 

How to Download and Install XNSPY?

It may be obvious but XNSPY is not available on Google Play Store or the Apple Store. As it’s a spyware app and such applications, even if 100% legal, aren’t allowed to be generally up for sale due to their policies. 

So, if one wants to download and install the XNSPY monitoring app on a phone. They need to visit its official website to buy a subscription for using its services.

One can follow these steps to download and install the XNSPY social media monitoring app on a phone they want to track.

Step 1: Go to the XNSPY official website.

Step 2: Make your way towards the top right corner of the screen and click on the “Buy Now” tab.

Step 3: Choose its Android version.

Note: An iOS counterpart of the app is also available to monitor iPhones and iPads, allowing XNSPY to become the best spy app for Android 2021 but even for iOS.

Step 4: Now, a user can choose their preferred package, Basic or Premium, according to their needs.

Step 5: Once subscribed to its services, successfully, an email is received in the user’s inbox containing a download URL for the APK file, its installation guide, and XNSPY login ID/password for its web-based dashboard.

Note: The installation process for the app’s iOS version may be different. So, follow the instructions to download/install it according to the provided setup guide in the email.

Step 6: Get physical access to the phone that one wants to monitor and proceed with the installation process as explained in the installation guide received in the email.

Step 7: During installation setup, you can choose to keep the app hidden or visible on the phone.

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Step 8: Visit the XNSPY website again, but this time, to log in to its portal using the ID/Password enclosed within the email.1“                                              

Step 9: After logging in, under the “My Devices” tab, select the phone that’s being tracked.

Step 10:  Now, you can at last check the fetched data from the XNSPY monitoring app features using its control panel.

Review of its Spying Features


Most of its basic spy app features remain the same, such as:

  • Call Monitoring: Intuitive function of the spy app that includes call recording and phone log viewing capabilities. Log information contains details on what calls were received, made, or missed and at what time or date.

  • Text Messages Tracking: Includes monitoring of all text messages sent or received along with their date/time stamps on the monitored cell phone.

  • Internet Activity Monitoring: Browser’s surfing history and bookmarked websites are viewable using this tracking feature.

  • GPS Location Tracking: Checking the phone’s location with pinpoint accuracy is made possible with the app’s phone location monitoring function.

    The app even stores location history locally when not connected to the internet. Once it’s connected to the internet, the stored location history is then automatically uploaded to the service’s web server soon after. 

  • The Watchlist Instant Alerts: A unique spying function that sends instant alerts to the user when specific words, contact numbers, or locations, added in their respective watch lists, come up on the monitored cellphone.

But significant changes have occurred, and for the better, when it comes to the social media monitoring app features. With the latest XNSPY Android app version, one can:

  • Screen record Facebook, Instagram, and other social media and IM apps when in use. The new phone screen recording feature automatically takes screenshots every five seconds when the monitored phone has an IM app open.

  • Easily track several popular and highly used IM apps, after rooting the phone, such as LINE, Tinder, KIK, Telegram, and even Snapchat.

  • Monitor several social media apps again that were made inaccessible with the recent Android 11 release(s).
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Other Updates

Under Internet Browser Tracking, one can check the top 10 frequently visited websites, now, instead of just the top five as possible with the previous version. 

However, users are still looking out for more parental control options in browsers. Because the XNSPY app merely offers monitoring functions, so far, and no controlling/restricting functions when it comes to browsing activities on a phone. 

A process, one encounters while installing the XNSPY Android phone tracking app, i.e., enabling WhatsApp’s Accessibility and Notifications, can be skipped in the latest version. In case it’s not supported or feasible at the time of the app’s installation. 

Bugs and Fixes

Rooting bugs or issues occurred with the Android 10 and 11 OS updates. Now, even they have been resolved in the newly rolled out edition of the XNSPY social media monitoring app.

Phone tracking apps are all about being covert and untraceable. But, when they can’t function properly, there is a lot that can go wrong. The monitored cellphone can:

  • Get stuck or frozen while in use

  • Function slower than expected of it

  • Not open any other apps as the spy app is taking too much operating power already

However, the app’s current version is currently working perfectly with all the new Android OS releases after its recent update. 

While the app developers claim that they will keep working on similar bugs in the newer updates. So, the XNSPY phone tracking app can function properly without any setbacks or glitches.

All in all, it seems like the XNSPY is trying to be the best spy app for Android 2021 by keeping one step ahead of its competitors. While maintaining the same price, adding new features, and upgrading already offered services. 

This latest Android spy app version definitely delivers on its promised features. Meanwhile, its developers pledge to keep rolling out new updates whenever necessary.

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