Wi-Fi 7 is coming: everything you need to know about the new technology

Developers from the company MediaTek have announced that they will be showcasing the Wi-Fi 7 design at CES 2022. Although the Wi-Fi 6E has only been released recently and on a small number of devices, the brand has kicked off the new technology and promises high speeds for users. With less latency and more speed, people who enjoy watching YouTube videos in 4K or playing heavy online matches should benefit.

The official announcement is estimated for the CES 2022 event. However, it is believed that the use in devices and the release to the market will only happen in the second half of the same year. The expectation is that this technology will be increasingly optimized.

After all, what is the purpose of Wi-Fi 7?

Wi-fi 7

The purpose of Wi-Fi 7, which has been anticipated by MediaTek, is to surpass the quality of Wi-Fi 6E. It is estimated that the new version will be 2.4 times faster and that this will directly interfere with the experience of consumers. In addition to this benefit, among the information revealed is also the decrease in latency, which allows the network to be even faster.

The brand developers also talked about interference from other Wi-Fi. It has been confirmed that other neighboring networks will not cause any kind of slowdown in the user’s device. Therefore, consumers who invest in this new technology can play games, listen to music, or watch videos in 4K without worrying about interference from the internet next door.

What are the advantages of Wi-Fi 7 over previous standards?

The main advantages over Wi-Fi 7 are linked to speed. Even though Wi-Fi 6 and 6E have undergone changes and optimizations, MediaTek’s proposal is to drastically reduce latency. With this, the gamer audience and people who like to watch programs on smart TVs can take advantage of the better network quality.

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About the previous Wi-Fi standards, MediaTek revealed that it intends to standardize the use of Wi-Fi 7 in users’ homes. The intention is to avoid the same thing happening as with Wi-Fi 6E, where few people have access and almost a tiny part of the devices are adapted to this version. The company’s purpose is to democratize use and allow everyone to have access to quality networks.

What to expect from Wi-Fi 7?

Although MediaTek is eager to launch Wi-Fi 7 and has already announced some features, it is important to know that the uptake of this new technology may take time. Not all countries are in the habit of changing their devices frequently, and in some regions, a new model can be quite expensive.

What can be expected from CES 2022 and the launch of this new technology is a leap in internet speed, but with restricted use for some places.

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