Why Do I Run Out of Data on My Phone when I Barely Connect?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one it happens to. It seems to you that at the beginning of the month, you have a bunch of data to enjoy all the stories, and the live shows and resend all the photos you want. But, nothing is further from the truth. The data ends up running out around the 15th. What is going on?

If you can admit that you’ve overdone it this month, it will only be a matter of saving for next month. But if you have barely connected away from home and you have not made intensive use of your data quota, maybe the problem is different. Let’s see what can happen.

Data Consumption

Do you have Apps Consuming Data in the Background?

If you’ve checked that you haven’t done any major downloads or spent the day watching Instagram stories or YouTube videos on your data, there may be an app consuming data in the background. So here’s what you should do.

  1. Go to the Settings section of your device and go to the Connections section to check your Data Usage. Here you can check which applications have spent the most data and see the exact amounts.
  2. You can see what happened today, but also this month or a previous month. Select a period that is long enough to be able to evaluate the consumption.
  3. Check which application consumes the most data and take a look at the following ones, it may not be the one that is finally bleeding your data. Does the amount of data spent fit you?
  4. Double-click on the application in question and check other data. What is background consumption? If it is excessive, the data leakage is likely coming from here.
  5. In this case, what you can do to prevent the data from being used up again, is to disable the option Allow use of data in the background. This is the one that allows you to use mobile data while running in the background.
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If this were the problem, you would soon see the effects of having restricted data usage. A slightly more drastic, but equally useful, option is to uninstall the application. This can be done if it’s an app that you don’t use much or that compensates you for not using it at all. More than anything else, because every month you’ll have all the data you’ve been wasting up to now.

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