Which is the Best TV for Games? See Tips to Buy the Ideal Model

Having a good TV for games is interesting to play with the best sound and image quality. In the market, there are several options to buy, such as NanoCell and OLED lines from LG, Crystal UHD, and QLED from Samsung, besides Sony TVs that promise to be “perfect” for Playstation. These products bring features like Game Mode, good refresh rates, and in some cases even G-Sync and FreeSync from Nvidia and AMD, respectively.

So if the idea is to buy the ideal TV for this type of use, it is worth paying attention to features that should make the difference when playing. Here’s what to consider before buying a new “gamer” TV and checking some models for sale in the market.

Game Mode

Game Mode

The latest TVs have processors that not only operate the operating system but also optimize the images to deliver better quality for a certain type of use. Nevertheless, this processing and the implementation of filters take some time, increasing the latency to display the frames. Moreover, having the shortest possible response time is ideal, especially in competitive or online games.

This way, some models offer a Game Mode, making the device prioritize the lowest latency, reducing the processing time for each frame and following the demand of the PC or console connected. There are also some automatic contrast and brightness adjustments, besides good audio equalization. The recently released Crystal UHD TU8000, by Samsung, and OLED CX, by LG, are examples of models on sale that offer this type of feature.

Anti-reflective Technology

Anti-reflective Technology

A display with antireflective technology is also very interesting for players. This is because the external lighting can impact the screen and disturb the user’s view at some points. The technology can be present both on the screen hardware, with the ability to inhibit reflections with a more matte display, or via software, something that is also appearing on newer TVs. In this case, the TV can recognize changes in lighting to automatically change image settings, following the need of the moment.

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Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate

On PCs, games with more than 100 frames per second are no longer a novelty, especially in the competitive market, but on consoles, this is not so common. With the arrival of the new Playstation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X, Sony, and Microsoft launch scheduled for the final phase of 2020, games at 120 fps should become a trend in video games.

TVs and monitors typically operate between 60 and 75 Hz, but “gamer” models can have rates of 120, 144, or even more than 200 Hz, making the supported frame limit much higher. This way, the user can take advantage of all the hardware capacity of the console or PC when playing on the big screen.


Sound in games is not just a minor detail, as it can influence the notion of character positioning in FPS or adventure games. Moreover, with a good audio system, the user can have a greater immersion, increase concentration, or even encourage a possible good performance.

In addition to seeking TVs with good RMS power, it is worth paying attention to the technologies involved, such as Dolby Digital, which promises to deliver a much more faithful 3D sound effect, thus exploring all the capacities of modern games.


A TV with Bluetooth connectivity can offer several possibilities for players, including connecting an external sound output, such as a soundbar, soundbox, or headset. It is worth mentioning that consoles such as Xbox One and Playstation 4 (PS4), do not allow connecting headphones and headsets directly, and a viable option is to pair the accessory with the TV itself. This way, it is possible to better enjoy the audio features of games, as well as have a good performance in different types of games.

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G-Sync and Freesync

G-Sync and Freesync

Vertical synchronization is a feature that causes the GPU and the display to communicate to synchronize the frame display. This way, the system inhibits possible breaks in the images, known as tearing. Two display certification standards promise an even more satisfactory result for the feature: G-Sync and Freesync.

Despite being PC-oriented technologies and quite common in gamer monitors, G-Sync and Freesync can be found in some line television models such as LG OLED and Samsung QLED, which, besides synchronized images, promise latency of up to 1 ms in games.

Available Models

There are some options with the characteristics described above. The Q80T, by Samsung, for example, brings a QLED 4K screen, Game Mode, response time below 10 ms, and support for FreeSync technology. Also, the TV promises to update to 120 Hz, in addition to being equipped with HDMI 2.1, the latest and most interesting standard for new generations of consoles.

The product also draws attention to sound, offering an adaptive feature that gives the user a spatial sensation when playing.

Sony announced new TVs ideal for Playstation 5 (PS5), a case of XH90, a 4K model with an Android TV system, and an update rate that reaches 240 Hz.

For the time being, there are only one 4K models pointed out by the brand as “ideal” to play Playstation: the Bravia A9G, high-end TV. The device has as a differential the audio output, which starts from the own screen of the device, besides image and sound resources which promises high performance for games.

Another example of a model that should please gamer users a lot is OLED CX, by LG, recently launched. With 55″ or 65 inches, HDR support, and other features that ensure high performance, the TV brings a response time of up to 1 ms, a very interesting number to play.

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Besides, the hardware has support for Nvidia’s G-Sync and sound features that promise to adapt playback to the user’s location in the environment.

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