What is KakaoTalk? Learn how the messenger works for Android and iOS

KakaoTalk is a South Korean messaging app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Like other messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram, the app allows you to send and receive messages, make audio and video calls, and share various files. Recently, KakaoTalk gained prominence after refusing to remove external payment links in the Android app. The action goes against Google’s new policy requiring the sale of digital products and services through its system.

In response to the refusal, the tech giant stopped offering updates to the app on the Google Play Store. In tests made by Techidence, the messenger has already changed the payment system for Android phones. Check out, below, what is KakaoTalk and learn whether the app is safe.

What is KakaoTalk?


KakaoTalk is a South Korean messenger that offers features similar to other messaging apps. With about 150 million users, the platform also functions as a social network, as you can find other people by searching for names, contact numbers, or email addresses. The application is very popular in South Korea, so much so that, in the country, it is common to join part of the messenger’s name with the verb “to talk” – for example, “I’ll Ka-talk you” or “Ka-talk me later”.

The application allows you to send messages, photos, and videos via private chat, create groups with an unlimited number of participants, and make voice and video calls. In addition, you can join open chats on various topics and meet new people.

Is KakaoTalk Secure?


Concerns about KakaoTalk’s privacy came to the fore when the company behind the app agreed to release the chat history of South Korea’s president at the time to prosecutors in a case where the policy was being investigated. After the episode, the app started offering end-to-end encryption in chats to improve the privacy of conversations.

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The technology, however, is not enabled by default on the service. Therefore, users need to enable the “Secret Chat” option to keep conversations protected. It is also worth noting that KakaoTalk is present in the official Apple and Google app stores. Therefore, it undergoes constant security checks against malware.

How to use KakaoTalk?


To use the messaging app, simply search for “KakaoTalk” in the smartphone app store and download it. The app is divided into five main tabs: “Friends”, “Conversations”, “Find”, “Calls” and “More”. Also, icons directing the user to other screens are located at the bottom of the screen.

In the “Find” screen you can add contacts and view open chats to join. In the “Conversations” part, the chats that have already been started are located. In “Friends”, you can check your contact list, and in “Calls” are gathered the incoming and outgoing calls.

In the “More” tab, you can find customization options for the messenger. Through it, you can buy stickers, create e-mail, change the interface theme, and even backup your conversations. It is worth noting, however, that some pages are in the Korean language, which can make it difficult to navigate and use some features.

How does it differ from other messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram?

Telegram vs WhatsApp
Telegram vs WhatsApp

KakaoTalk combines many functions similar to other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. This is the case for calling, sending messages, and using stickers. However, some features differentiate the services from each other. One unique feature of KakaoTalk, for example, is the stores, which allow you to buy products within the app. Another differential of the messenger is the “Calendar”, which works as an agenda to add events, friends’ birthdays, and receive alerts for important dates.

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In addition, some functions are paid. To use stickers in the messenger, for example, you have to buy them – unlike WhatsApp and Telegram, which have a feature to create stickers for free. Another extra feature of KakaoTalk is the voice filters available in the app for voice and video calls.

Yet another point of difference between the apps is fame. The popularity of the messenger is restricted to South Korea, while WhatsApp and Telegram are used by users all over the world.

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