What is Instagram Reels? Six Questions and Answers About TikTok’s Rival

Instagram Reels is one of the most popular features of the social network. Launched in 2020, the function emerged that allowed users to record and edit short videos for the Stories of the application. The success of the test led Instagram to increase the feature, which today competes directly with the Chinese social network TikTok.

With Reels, it is possible to create videos up to one minute long, include effects, and make montages with other videos. The more interesting and creative the content, the better the performance on the social network. Techidence has prepared an article for you to understand what Reels is and thus better explore the tool. Check out, below, the six main questions and answers about Instagram Reels.

1. What is Reels?

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is an app feature that allows you to create and edit short videos of up to one minute. The tool is an evolution of Scenes, a feature that was tested in November 2019. Instagram’s goal was to test the receptivity of the function among the public since the feature was designed to counter TikTok, which was booming at the time.

Given the success of the feature in the country, Instagram decided to expand the features and sharing possibilities of Reels, officially launched in June 2020. At first, videos could be a maximum of 15 seconds, a time that was increased after a few months of launch. Today, users can post 1-minute Reels on the app, available on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. It is possible to edit snippets, insert text, add audio and effects to the clip, which can be shared in Stories, in the feed, and also be broadcast in the “Explore” tab.

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2. How to make creative Reels?

Reels provides several tools that, if explored well, can contribute to the creation of creative videos. The Remix feature, for example, can be used to make duets, imitate scenes, and create new versions of videos that already exist on the platform. Another possibility is to use the filters in the Instagram gallery to produce different visual effects. The Voice-over function allows you to include audio over the videos and enables the insertion of humorous narrations.

Content that provides entertainment is usually a success on Reels. Therefore, investing in entertaining videos can be a good bet when creating new clips. For inspiration, check out what’s hot in the “Explore” tab and check out the challenges and fads that are on the rise on TikTok.

3. What is the best time to post Reels on Instagram?

Instagram Reels

Figuring out the best time to post Reels on Instagram is simple. Business account owners have access to Instagram Insights, a tool that gathers account performance metrics and provides information about follower behavior – including the time when they are most active on the app. Knowing this, content producers can schedule the publication of Reels for these intervals and thus get better results from short videos.

4. How to find songs for Reels?

There are several ways to find music for Reels. One tip is to use the TokBoard website (https://tokboard.com/), which shows the tracks that are hot on the Chinese social network, where most of the trends come from. It is also possible to find out which are the audios most used by users of the application through a search on Instagram’s hashtags page. Another way is to type the term “Reels” in Spotify’s search bar; the streaming has playlists with tracks selected especially for the challenges of the social network.

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5. Are Reels monetized?

Instagram Reels

Instagram does not yet provide its tools for monetizing Reels. However, to keep users away from competing platforms, the platform has developed a program that remunerates content creators according to the performance of their videos. This way, users can receive up to US$10,000 for publishing new Reels on their Instagram profiles.

Among the functions of Instagram expected for 2022, a feature has aroused the interest of content producers: the possibility of producing “VIP content”. This is because the social network has begun testing a subscription model that makes it possible to charge for exclusive Stories. While these new features are not arriving, content creators have been using partnerships with brands as a monetization strategy on Instagram.

6. How to find hashtags for Reels to go viral?

Inserting the right hashtags into Reels is important for expanding the reach of videos. Content creators who want to discover keywords with potential can turn to the Tags Finder website (https://www.tagsfinder.com/). To use it, simply go to the page and enter a term. The online service will present a list of 30 related hashtags, which can be copied and pasted into the caption of the Reels.

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