Unique economics essay topics to impress your teacher

When you want to impress your professor, the best way to attract their attention is by choosing an unconventional economics essay topic. Finding such an issue may take some time as so many interesting topics have already been covered. However, there are still quite a few under-researched issues that you can dwell upon in your piece of writing. Keep in mind that finding such a topic requires conducting a proper research study. Before you get down to that, let’s come back to the basics of writing an essay on economics. Here are the main steps you need to follow. 

How to write an essay on economics

  1. Understand the question: Read and analyze the question carefully. Pick out the essential point from the question and highlight it. If it is a complex question, break it down into component parts.
  2. Research the topic: Once you have a clear understanding of the question, do some thorough research on the topic. Consult any reading lists and economics textbooks you have, and ask your teacher or lecturer for some recommendations if you are struggling to find reading material.
  3. Develop a thesis statement: A thesis statement is the main argument you will make in your essay. It should be 1-2 sentences long and respond to the essential question that’s being asked.
  4. Plan out your content: After thinking about the question and doing some research, you will have developed some ideas about what to write in your essay. Writing a good essay plan will help you stay focused on the key points and produce a structured essay that flows and develops.
  5. Write your essay: Start with an introduction that provides context for your essay and includes your thesis statement. In the main body paragraphs, develop your argument with supporting evidence and examples. Finally, conclude your essay by summarizing your main points and restating your thesis.
  6. Proofread and revise: Once you have written your essay, proofread it carefully to ensure that there are no errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Make revisions as necessary to improve clarity and coherence.
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Fascinating economics essay topics

When it’s time to get down to work, choosing a topic plays a huge role. You can stand out simply by selecting an interesting topic no one has covered before. We’ve gathered a few ideas for you to make this process a bit easier. Perhaps, reading our list of unique topics to dwell upon in an essay on economics will turn out to be inspirational and motivational for you. Here they are:

  1. The Economics of Climate Change: This topic explores the economic impact of climate change and the measures that can be taken to mitigate its effects. You can discuss the economic costs of climate change, such as the impact on agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure, and the economic benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. The Economics of Happiness: This topic examines the relationship between economics and happiness. You can explore how economic factors such as income, employment, and social welfare policies affect people’s happiness and well-being.
  3. The Economics of Gender Inequality: This topic analyzes the economic causes and consequences of gender inequality. You can discuss how gender inequality affects economic growth, labor markets, and social welfare policies.
  4. The Economics of Innovation: This topic explores the role of innovation in economic growth and development. You can discuss how innovation affects productivity, competitiveness, and economic growth, and how governments can promote innovation through policies such as research funding and intellectual property protection.
  5. The Economics of Aging: This topic examines the economic implications of an aging population. You can discuss how demographic changes affect labor markets, social welfare policies, and economic growth, and how governments can address the challenges posed by an aging population.
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Once you have a solid foundation in the basics, you can start exploring more advanced topics. Some of the most exciting areas of research in economics today include behavioral economics, game theory, and development economics. Behavioral economics involves the study of how people make decisions in real-world situations. This has many potential applications in economics, including the development of new models for predicting consumer behavior. Game theory is another area of research that is growing rapidly. Game theory involves the study of strategic decision-making, and it has many potential applications in economics, including the development of new models for predicting market behavior. Development economics is another area of research that is having a significant impact on the field. Development economics involves the study of how economic policies can be used to promote economic growth and reduce poverty in developing countries.

The main goal with completing such sorts of tasks is finding a topic that will be interesting both for you and for your teacher. It may be hard at first as it seems like every fascinating issue has already been discussed a few times. Yet, spending enough time on research will get you there. The main point is to keep going even when it feels pointless. You will find what you are looking for soon enough. 

Besides, being able to stand out matters as it shows how many creative solutions to a problem you can find. Whether you major in law, economics, or linguistics, finding original approaches and angles is a skill you should definitely acquire. Therefore, try to complete more assignments that are aimed at developing this skill. Once you start your career, you’ll see how useful it is to be able to find a way out of every situation. 

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The more interesting topic you choose (provided that you have such an option, of course), the more memorable your piece of writing will be. What is more, it’s a perfect way to learn how to deal with complex issues even when your resources are limited. Don’t be afraid to face challenges and get down to work when you know for a fact that it won’t be easy. That’s the whole point of studying. 

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