TikTok: 5 ‘forbidden’ activities that can get you banned from the app

TikTok is a short video social network that encourages its users to create and share authentic and creative content. However, some actions are prohibited by the platform’s Community Guidelines, which can ban or permanently delete accounts with serious or recurring violations. Extremism, violent behavior, harassment, bullying, and nudity are some of the activities that are not allowed on TikTok.

There is also content that is not prohibited, but may cause some discomfort or may be shocking to other users. In this case, when TikTok identifies these contents, they can have their distribution limited and stop appearing as search results and in the “For You” feed. In the list below, Techidence brings you 5 prohibited activities on TikTok.

1. Violent or hateful behavior


According to the TikTok Guidelines, users are not allowed to use their profiles on the social network to incite violence or make threats to groups or third parties. The platform can ban accounts that maintain attitudes of “supporting, guiding and encouraging” violence, or that promote criminal organizations and praise their practices. It is also not allowed to post content with “symbols, flags, music or gestures” that represent dangerous individuals or organizations.

In addition, hateful behavior intended to attack ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, or disability minorities is also strictly prohibited. Content that depicts physical or verbal aggression is also not permitted, as well as swearing and hateful ideology.

2. Promoting illegal activities on TikTok


The platform does not allow activities that directly violate the law of each country. Therefore, selling or trading illegally acquired goods or counterfeit products is prohibited, as is trading or carrying weapons in videos and photos posted on the social network. TikTok also prohibits the sale and display of drugs and the promotion of controlled substances and does not allow the promotion of alcohol and tobacco use.

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In addition, the TikTok Guidelines do not allow fraud and scams – that is, any misleading content that is intended to take advantage of others is strictly prohibited. So-called games of chance are not allowed, as well as any promotion of casinos and gambling. TikTok also prohibits the disclosure of personal documents that can be used to violate the personal privacy of others.

3. Supporting Harassment and Bullying


Attitudes such as bullying and harassment are also prohibited on the platform. TikTok does not allow any kind of action that may embarrass or belittle others, as well as abusive behavior, threats, and blackmail. The app prohibits the creation and dissemination of content that is intended to “ridicule, humiliate, embarrass, intimidate, or hurt an individual.” Because of this, accounts that reproduce this type of content will be banned permanently.

Using features such as TikTok’s duets or “stitching” to offend or change the context of the original video is also prohibited. TikTok also prohibits the use of emojis that can simulate sexual content on the platform.

4. Posting explicit nude content


TikTok prohibits the posting of explicit images of nudity and pornography. In addition, the platform is against actions that aim to “present, solicit, promote, normalize or exalt” any kind of sexual assault or violence, including sharing intimate photos or offering sexual services, such as TikTok lives or paid content. It is also not allowed to post content that involves sexual acts or sexually explicit language.

5. Spamming or Using Bots

On TikTok, it is prohibited to use third-party platforms to increase views, likes, or followers. The app can also ban user accounts that share content on how to increase popularity on the app artificially. In addition, creating fake accounts to spam or to “exert influence” is also not allowed.

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