10 Instagram Functions Few People Know About

Instagram is one of the most famous and most used social networks in the world and has some interesting features that few people know about. The platform, which is available for Android phones and on the iPhone (iOS), allows helping the system’s algorithm to choose which photos and videos are most interesting to appear in your app. This setting can be done manually in the “Explore” tab and leaves the feed only with posts you like.

Among other interesting features are the ability to view all the posts you’ve already liked, use multiple accounts at the same time and switch between them, remove photo tags that friends have posted, and find interactive filters for the Stories in a worldwide catalog. Check out, below, a list of ten Instagram features that users know little about.

Mute Stories from people you don’t want to see

Instagram allows you to hide the Stories from unwanted people. This way, the stories of these contacts will no longer appear on the top carousel of the application when they publish something, being taken to the end of the line and showing a faded color. This feature is useful for ignoring annoying contacts, but without letting them stay in the application.

To hide someone’s stories, just press the icon on your profile picture in the Stories and choose the “Mute” option, which will appear in the bottom menu. You can also do the procedure directly on the person’s profile by touching “Following” and then “Mute”. In addition to the Stories, it is also possible to mute feed posts.

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Name tag

Instagram’s name tag is a virtual barcode capable of identifying your profile on the social network. Through this image, other users can find your account to start following by reading the code with the cell phone’s camera. Each person can personalize their Name Tag by placing their username, selfies or different emojis. To create your code, access the settings menu and go to “Name Tag”.

Receive post notifications

If you don’t want to lose new posts from a very dear contact, just activate the post notifications. That way, when that person adds new photos and videos, you’ll receive an alert on your phone notifying you that there is new content in their profile. To enable the feature, open the contact’s profile, tap “Following” and go to “Notifications”. In addition to the feed posts, Instagram is also able to send notifications of new Stories, live videos, and IGTV.

Save posts

Do you know when you liked a post, but you’re busy and can’t visualize the image with attention at that moment? Instagram allows you to save any photo or video for easy access later. To save a post, simply touch the flag icon below each image. The photo owner is not notified of the action. All saved posts are stored in your profile and can be organized into separate folders, called collections.

Remove your friends’ Photo Tags

If you have been tagged in a photo of a friend, but don’t like it, you can remove the tag easily. Just access the photo, touch the tag with your username and choose the option “Remove me from the post”. After that, the photo will no longer display the link to your account, nor will it appear on the tagging page of your profile. You can also remove a tag from your computer.

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See all the photos you liked

Instagram allows you to view all the photos and videos you’ve already liked on social media. The platform displays the complete history in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest. To access, go to your profile and open the settings menu. Then go to “Account” and open the “Posts you liked” section.

Follow hashtags

Besides following friends and brand profiles, Instagram also allows you to follow hashtags. Thus, you will see in the feed photos linked to that tag to find interesting images related to the subject. To do so, just touch the hashtag and choose the “Follow” option. Then you can see all the tags you are following in your profile.

Use several accounts at the same time

Instagram allows you to be logged in with up to five different accounts at the same time on the same phone. So you can use different profiles on the same device. To add a profile, go to the settings menu and tap “Add account”. To switch between them, simply tap the user name that is located above yours or press your profile picture from the bottom menu. Then, just choose the desired account to switch immediately.

Help the algorithm to show only what you like

The Explore tab displays photos and videos that Instagram thinks will be interesting for your profile, based on your social network interactions. However, if you find something you don’t like in this section, you can let the social network know that you don’t want this type of image to appear. To do this, simply open the unwanted image, touch the three dots of options and choose “See fewer posts like this”. This way, the algorithm will understand that that image didn’t like it and won’t show any more content like that, leaving the feed with your preference.

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Search filters for Stories in a worldwide catalog

Instagram’s interactive and game filters for Stories have turned into a fever and many of them are available in profiles of digital influencers, friends, brands or even the platform itself. However, it is possible to access a library with filters from users around the world to find new options for interesting effects. Besides the most famous ones, it is possible to discover filters organized by theme, such as “selfies”, “love” and “camera effects”. To access the gallery, open the Stories camera, touch the facial filters icon and slide the carousel to the left until you reach the end. Then touch “Search for effects”.

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