TCL Ray Danz: Features, Reviews, and Price

TCL may not be, yet, too well known. Their televisions have been arriving little by little, as well as their mobiles. But in China, it is one of the most important manufacturers, with devices that seek to compete with the most powerful brands. So it is a manufacturer that has a much wider range of products than we know. Fortunately, TCL has decided to bring more devices to Europe, and not just televisions and mobile phones. Today we want to talk about TCL Ray Danz, a soundbar with 3.1 channels that is compatible with the Dolby Atmos format.

With this curious name, we find a soundbar with a pretty original design, different from the usual. The bar has a wireless subwoofer, 540W of power, an additional central channel to enhance the dialogues, an HDMI ARC connection, and Bluetooth connectivity. All this in a soundbar with a price that we could say that places it in the medium range. Let’s get to know in-depth all the features of the TCL Ray Danz soundbar.

TCL Ray Danz Datasheet

TCL Ray Danz
Speakers3.1 channels
Maximum power540W
Surround technologyRAYDANZ technology
Rear speakersNo
Connections1 HDMI ARC input and 1 output, Optical input, 3.5mm Auxiliary, USB
4K pass-throughNot available
Supported audio formatsDolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos
Wireless connectivityBluetooth 4.2
SubwooferYes, wireless
ControlRemote control
OthersAdditional center channel for clear dialogue
DimensionsSoundbar: 105 x 11 x 5.5 cm, 2.6 kg
Subwoofer: 24 x 24 x 42 cm, 5.5 kg
Release dateAvailable
Official price£349.00

An Unconventional Design

Just by looking at the pictures, we can see that the TCL Ray-Danz is anything but a conventional soundbar. Yes, it is still a stretched soundbar, but its finish with openings on the sides gives it a design rarely seen before. Also, it has a very steep central part. But this finish is not just design, it has its explanation at the sound level, as we will see later.

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The Ray-Danz is a soundbar that we could consider big. It measures 105 cm long, so it fits perfectly with televisions of 48 inches and up. Of course, it can also be used with smaller televisions. It is 5.8 cm high, something we should always consider before buying a soundbar. The height of almost 6 cm is practically a standard when it comes to soundbars, but that does not mean that we will not have problems if our TV support does not raise the screen much. We can also hang it on the wall, as it includes the supports to do so.

The unusual design that the Ray-Danz has on the front does not extend to the rest of the device. In the central part, as we mentioned, there is a module that hides the speakers and controllers. This area is covered by a dark grey fabric, while the open part has a glossy black plastic finish.

Otherwise, at the top of the soundbar, there are a series of buttons to control power, inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, and volume. These are touch controls, perfectly integrated into the chassis.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Ray-Danz TCL has an LCD screen on the front. This provides us with some useful information and is large enough to be seen correctly from the listening position.

Ray-Danz Technology and Dolby Atmos Compatibility

Most soundbars use digital signal processing (DSP) to “trick” the viewer’s ear, making them think they’re listening to real surround sound when they don’t have rear and side speakers. Some of these systems work better than others, although their performance is often highly dependent on the listening position. If we are in front of the soundbar and fairly close, the surround sound feeling will be greater. However, as we move away from the soundbar, the surround effect is dispersed.

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TCL has taken a different approach with Ray-Danz. Instead of solving everything with digital processing, designers have opted for an auditory approach. Through the side openings of the bar, TCL seeks to control the propagation of sound and send it in narrower “beams” at different angles into space. These sound rays are reflected off the walls and spread throughout the room. Thus, when they reach the listener, the sound comes from different angles and at different times, depending on which wall it was most reflected from.

This system aims to create a more natural surround sound, without much digital processing. Therefore, according to the manufacturer, the Ray-Danz TCL sounds more natural, both when playing movies and when listening to music.

In terms of the number of speakers, the TCL Ray Danz has a 3.1 system. The central channel, in charge of the dialogues, has a mid-range speaker and a separate treble speaker to achieve a better reproduction of the voices. The subwoofer, as we have already mentioned, is wireless, achieving a power of 540W.

Despite having only 3 channels, the new TCL soundbar is compatible with the Dolby Atmos format. It can also play Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby TrueHD. That is, it does not support the DTS formats.

Finally, in terms of connectivity, the Ray Danz TCL has an HDMI input and output. The output is ARC compatible, so we can send the sound from the TV to the soundbar with only one cable. However, it does not have eARC connectivity, something we must take into account. However, Dolby Atmos audio from platforms such as Netflix will pass correctly, since it is broadcast in Dolby Digital Plus format.

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And to complete the set the TCL Ray Danz is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. This will allow us to send to the soundbar from the mobile phone, tablet, or computer to use it as a wireless speaker.

Price and Availability

In summary, the new TCL soundbar offers a powerful sound set that will allow us to improve the audio of our television. It is compatible with Dolby Atmos, offers a different surround sound system than usual, and has Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music.

The TCL Ray Danz is available at a price of £349.00.

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