Smart home: 5 smart products to protect the home

Having a smart home can be useful not only for practicality but also for security. Items such as a smart oven, Wi-Fi camera, and smart lock promise to keep the home safer on several levels. They can prevent accidents in the kitchen, help in monitoring environments, and prevent strangers from opening the door, for example. All this can be remotely controlled by Android or iPhone (iOS) apps.

Some of these smart devices are on sale on Amazon for prices starting at $17. In the list below, Techidence brings 5 smart technologies that can be useful to keep the house safer.

1. Wi-Fi Security Camera

Wi-Fi Security Camera

Wi-Fi security cameras allow remote monitoring of the environment through the cell phone screen since they have an internet connection and also have their applications. It is possible to find models for sale on Amazon for about $34.99, such as the Blink Mini and Boavision.

These devices can be used indoors or outdoors, have HD or Full HD image quality, and are also capable of providing heat and motion sensors. Some versions can capture images even in the dark, which allows you to always be alert. Others send notifications to the user’s smartphone when they identify suspicious movements.

In addition, it is also possible to find security cameras that have a microphone attached, which allows real-time interaction with the environment being monitored.

2. Smart Lock

Smart Lock

The Wi-Fi digital lock is a smart device that can also keep your home more protected. With the tool, it is possible to unlock the door via the app using biometrics or a numeric password. The device also allows you to verify access, which can be useful to check who has entered and left the rooms, and it is also possible to create temporary passwords from a distance. An example of a smart lock is Schlage’s model, with prices starting at $230.

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The models usually work with batteries, which can last about six months. In addition, the Wi-Fi lock can replace traditional door handles. However, it is not recommended to use it outdoors, but it is possible to secure a specific room of the house or the apartment entrance door, for example.

3. Smart gas detector

Gas leak detectors can be used in environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, being able to detect the presence of natural gas (piped) and bottled gas (LPG). The intelligent models of the device also send real-time notifications to the user’s cell phone when they detect the presence of gas at higher levels, which can be useful when no one is home.

The device is easy to install and only needs to be connected to the home’s Wi-Fi to control and configure the sensor from the smartphone. The models also have audible warnings and LED indicators. It is possible to find smart gas detectors for prices starting at $17 on Amazon.

4. Smart Oven

Smart Oven

Smart stoves and ovens are appliances that offer solutions to keep your home more protected. With control by cell phone, it is possible to check if the user left the fire on by accident even after leaving home. In addition, the appliances send notifications to the user’s smartphone when the food is ready, which can prevent possible accidents in the kitchen.

More robust models even come with a timer capable of turning off the oven automatically when cooking is finished. On Amazon, the simplest models cost about $150, while the more advanced versions can reach figures that exceed $2000.

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5. Smart alarm center

Smart alarm center

Alarm centers promise to leave the home protected against possible theft, robbery, and break-ins. The smart versions of the device can be controlled by cell phone applications, which allow you to arm and disarm the sensors inside the house, for example.

The central units can be monitored or unmonitored, and product prices vary according to their functionality and the number of protected zones. On amazon, an alarm center can be purchased for about $60.

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