Samsung HW-R550 and LG SK4D are two soundbar options with 2.1 channels for sale in the market. Both have Bluetooth connectivity, USB inputs, wireless subwoofer, and powerful sound: there are 300 Watts RMS in the LG version and 320 Watts RMS in the Samsung model. Found at £199.99 and £199 in the market, respectively, the two devices are alternative options for those who want to leave their TV with movie sound. Check below the comparison of soundbars technical sheet and know which is the best model for you.

Samsung HW-R550 vs LG SK4D

SpecificationsSamsung HW-R550LG SK4D
Pricefrom £199.99from £199.00
Wattage320 Watts RMS300 Watts RMS
Response frequency42 Hz to 20 kHzUnknown
Drivers4 speakers and a 6.5 “subwooferUnknown
ConnectivityBluetooth, USB, HDMI and opticsBluetooth, USB and optics
Dimensions and weight89 x 5.3 x 8.5 cm (bar)90 x 5.5 x 8 cm (bar)
Weight2.4 kg (bar) and 5.1 kg (subwoofer)2.2 kg (bar) and 5 kg (subwoofer)
Source: Samsung and LG



The two soundbars focus on a subtle design and earn points in terms of organization. This is because they both offer wireless connectivity to the TV via Bluetooth, in addition to wireless subwoofer, leaving aside the mess of cables.

The color finish is black in both cases, and the dimensions are lenient. The LG soundbar measures 89 x 5.3 x 8.5 cm – it is almost 1 meter long, therefore – while weighing 2.4 kg on the bar and 5.1 kg on the subwoofer. Samsung’s option is even bigger, adding 90 x 5.5 x 8 cm in the bar. In terms of weight, Samsung’s product goes to 2.2 kg and 5 kg for the subwoofer.

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Sound Quality

Samsung HW-R550

Regarding the sound, Samsung’s soundbar is the most powerful, with 320 Watts RMS in front of 300 Watts RMS from LG. The power difference is not so great and in the rest of the sound specifications the two are very similar: both have 2.1 channels.

Both the LG SK4D and the Samsung HW-R550 offer DTS Digital Surround sound to simulate audio from various directions. More advanced audio technologies, common in cutting-edge products such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are not supported in the models.



The two soundbars offer completely wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and allow the device to be used as the sound output for cell phones, tablets, and computers via the same Bluetooth connection. This way, it is possible to use the bars as Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, podcasts, among other contents with greater power and quality.

Both products offer their remote control, but in the case of Samsung, there is the possibility of integrating the control used in the TV, provided that the model is one of the latest of the brand.


Samsung HW-R550

The models offer Bluetooth connectivity, but those who prefer to use cables can find more room in Samsung’s option. The HW-R550 allows connection via HDMI or optical port, while LG’s SK4D offers only optical connection – a type of interface that may not appear on some incoming TVs. Also, the two soundbars have USB to play music from a pen drive or external HD.

Prices and Availability

LG soundbar is the cheapest between the two options, with prices that, at the moment, start from £199.00. In our searches, the model proved to be a little more difficult to find than the Samsung alternative. Samsung’s HW-R550 is a little more expensive and can cost from £199.99 at the moment.