Ryzen 5 3400G vs Core i5 9400F: Compare AMD and Intel processors

Ryzen 5 3400G and Core i5 9400F are two mid-range processors released in 2019 that promise to perform well for both different types of usage. The models bring four and six cores, respectively, and reach clocks that reach 4.2 GHz in the case of the AMD chip and 4.1 GHz in Intel’s option.

The differences are the integrated video card Radeon Vega 11 in the case of Ryzen processor, while the Core i5 ninth-generation comes out cheaper, with prices starting at $174.99 on Amazon. The AMD, in turn, comes out to, at least, $329. Below, compare the datasheet of the two processors and know which one is better for your setup.

Ryzen 5 3400G vs Core i5 9400F

Ryzen 5 3400GCore i5 9400F
Current pricefrom $329from $174.99
LaunchJuly 2019January 2019
Lithograph12 nm14 nm
Base clock/Boost3.7 to 4.2 GHz2.9 to 4.1 GHz
Integrated videoRadeon Vega 11No
TDP65 Watts65 Watts
Source: AMD and Intel


Ryzen 5 3400G

The Ryzen 5 3400G has a higher number of threads, as it offers a Multi-Threading (SMT) feature, while Intel’s rival is limited to the six physical cores available. Likewise, AMD’s processor guarantees a higher clock, even if just barely, with 4.2 GHz versus Core i5’s 4.1 GHz. At the base, the chip also has a higher frequency, with 3.7 GHz, surpassing the Intel processor’s 2.9 GHz speed.

Another difference in the AMD processor is that the chip has an integrated GPU: the Radeon Vega 11, with a maximum clock of 1400 MHz. This way, it is possible to install the chip even without a dedicated video card, something impossible with the rival processor.

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Core i5 9400F

Despite the larger number of threads on AMD’s chip, the tendency is that both processors deliver a well-balanced performance. After all, they are modern CPUs that support the most advanced core instructions.

Both chips promise a good performance in productivity activities and also for gaming, which will depend on a dedicated graphics card that delivers more power to run the latest games. In any case, Ryzen 5 should work well for competitive and less demanding titles, for example, thanks to the integrated Radeon. For advanced users, another point that can draw attention is the unlock for overclocking, which is only available on AMD’s chip.


In consumption, another point in common: both Ryzen 3400G and Core i5 9400F have a TDP of 65 Watts, the standard level of the category. It is worth noting that with unlocked overclock and integrated video cards, AMD should have a higher energy expenditure compared to Intel.

By using modern technologies, the processors tend to offer good energy efficiency. It is worth noting that both are part of two generations ago, meaning they should fall short of newer versions of their respective lines.


AM4 Motherboard

The Intel processor uses the LGA1151 socket, which is quite popular and appears on chipsets such as H110, H310, B360, and others. This variety means that there are motherboards from the most diverse segments and prices for the same chip.

AMD’s processor, in turn, uses the traditional AM4 socket, the same since the first generation of Ryzen processors. This allows the user to find a large offer of motherboards with support for the chip, besides facilitating possible upgrades. It is worth paying attention to BIOS compatibility, since newer versions may require upgrading the platform, a procedure that is not so simple.

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Since they are relatively recent options, both offer support for the main current instruction sets, as well as appear in the list of CPUs that will be supported by Windows 11, which will be released in late 2021. This is an important differentiator for those looking for a new processor on the eve of the new system’s arrival.

The Intel Core i5 9400F also has support for Intel Optane memory, which promises to optimize the performance of the computer and make it run more smoothly daily. On AMD’s chip, the already mentioned integrated GPU and overclocking capabilities prevail, interesting for gamers, for example.

Pricing and Availability

The prices of hardware components have risen sharply in the last year, which has impacted the supply of processors and other items such as video cards and RAM. Currently, the Intel Core i5 9400F can be found on Amazon starting at $174.99, while AMD’s processor is offered for about $329 on Amazon. Despite the price difference, one must consider that, in the case of the Intel chip, it is necessary to have a dedicated GPU to make the PC work, something made easier by the Radeon integrated into Ryzen 5.

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