PUBG Shield: know what it is and how to participate to report cheating

PUBG Shield is a community-based cheat reporting system in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) developed by the PUBG Corporation, which runs the game. Through the site, any player can report illegal actions witnessed in the game, such as the use of unauthorized advantage programs, team grouping, bug abuse, and statistics manipulation.


To use PUBG Shield, simply report the name of the player who used the cheat, the platform used, description of the act, and links to videos of the match or PUBG Lookup. For now, PUBG Shield allows reporting only for PC (Steam), Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 players, and does not support the mobile version. Check out below how to sign up for the system and how to report cheating in PUBG.

Step 1: Go to and click “Login” on the home screen. Access your PUBG Global Account through one of the available options. You must have an account to log in;

Step 2: Once logged in, click “Submit” to report a cheat;

Step 3: In the first field, fill in the nickname of the player who performed the infraction;

Step 4: Then, choose what type of cheating the player was doing;

Step 5: Next, choose the platform used. The options offered will vary depending on the platform you use to report. Here, the tutorial is based on PUBG via Steam;

Step 6: After that, include up to five links to highlight your report, which can be YouTube videos, a link to the match on PUBG Lookup, or some other site that allows you to see the match played;

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Step 7: Finally, in the Notes field, describe why you are making the report;

Step 8: Finally, click on “Send” so that other users can review and vote on whether or not they agree with the report;

Step 9: If you wish to evaluate and vote on the reports made, on the home screen, click on “Review Report”;

Step 10: On the left of the screen, you will see the information provided by the whistleblower with the voting options, “Inclusive” – for cases where the report is unfounded – and “Conclusive” if you agree with the report;

Step 11: On the right of the screen, you will find the links with the videos and information to view the reported cheating;

Step 12: After viewing the evidence, you can vote Inclusive or Conclusive, or choose to “Skip Vote” and go to the next report.

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