PUBG: 5 Advanced Tips for Playing and Improving in Battle Royale

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game of the Battle Royale genre, whose main objective is to fight against 100 opponents amid natural landscapes and buildings (such as military bases and hotels). To achieve victory and rise in game ranks, the player must dominate the game with much strategy and skill. Check below, for advanced tips for PUBG on all platforms. Remember that the game is also available for download on PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Android, and iPhone (iOS).

Understand the Functions of the Weapons

Understand the Functions of the Weapons

The first tip to improve your skills and achieve victory in PUBG is to know how all weapons work. Just like in other Battle Royale games, it is inconceivable to be restricted only to your favorite weapons. Understanding the ballistics system adopted by the game is also another positive point. In it, which reproduces real conditions, the shots fired can vary according to speed and distance.

Players can train and learn about the operation of each weapon in the “Training Arena” mode, which allows the use of any weapon without the need to configure a charge. It is worth mentioning that it is also necessary to be aware of the weapon balance at each game update.

Activate the Parachute at the right time

Activate the Parachute at the right time

To land before the opponent is essential to find the best loot, win the first battles, and ensure staying in the game. After all, if he jumped late from the plane, the player is at risk of being shot down, as soon as he touches the ground, with no possibility of defense. The trick to getting to the desired place faster is to open the parachute when you are 750 meters from the region, aiming directly down.

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Be Careful When Opening the Door

Be Careful When Opening the Door

The doors of PUBG buildings can be a surprise component that, in some situations, contributes to their slaughter on the battlefield. In order not to be caught by enemies lurking inside the buildings, it is advisable to open the door by positioning yourself a little to the left or right of the wall, never head-on. With this tactic, the player will avoid getting shot at in his head region by the enemy. Always check, looking through the windows, if there are opponents inside the buildings.

Listen to the Sounds

In addition to the graphics, PUBG’s realistic experience can be attributed to the audio quality. The sounds emitted by the games are fundamental for orientation and quick reflection on the battlefield. Therefore, to avoid being caught, identify the source of the noises you hear. The game emits directional sound, allowing the player to discover where his enemy is located through the steps and terrain. It is also possible to identify the distance and prepare for combat in advance using the sounds emitted by the gunshots.

In its settings, the game allows you to customize the quality of special effects. Players can choose the “Ultra” option, which highlights the effects emitted by the steps, vehicles, and shots. It is worth mentioning that, on cell phones, this option can cause overheating. In PUBG, a good headset can make a difference.

Watch Professional Players

More than battlefield practice, improving skills in PUBG involves watching streamers and professional players on platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming. During their lives, the various gamers already consolidated in the competitive scenario demonstrate the techniques and tactics they use to ensure victory in Battle Royale matches.

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Another important tip is to watch the matches of national and international championships of the game, such as the PUBG Global Championship. By doing this, the user can observe the weapons, the behavior, and even the rotation used by the players, replicating their gameplay later.

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