A good resolution and image quality, Ambilight technology, defined sound, and a good design. What more can you ask from a TV? Under this premise, the Philips company has a new version of The One, the 8506, which combines different criteria that work in the rest of their families of televisions, but in one. Hence its name. But what are its features, and is its price-performance ratio justified? Let’s find out in this article.

Philips 8506 The One Datasheet

 Philips 8506 The One
Diagonal43, 50, 58, 65, and 70 inches
Resolution and technology4K UHD, Dolby Vision, HDR10 +
Panel typeLED
ProcessorP5 Perfect Picture Engine
OSAndroid 10 TV
ControlRemote control with microphone
Sound2 x 10W Dolby Atmos Full Range Speakers Clear
AI Sound
5 Band Equalizer Bass
Night Mode
Connections4 x HDMI (HDCP 2.3), 2 x USB, Satellite, CI +, Optical out, Ethernet, Headphone out
Wireless connectivityWiFi 802.11ac 2×2 Dual Band, Bluetooth 5
MediumCenter arch base in light silver
Others3-sided Ambilight
Dimensions (with base)43 inches: 96.4 x 63.2 x 20.3 cm
50 inches: 112 x 72 x 25.3 cm
58 inches: 129.9 x 83 x 25.4 cm
65 inches: 145.9 x 91.1 x 26.9 cm
70 inches: 158.1 x 91.2 x 31.2 cm
75 inches: 103 x 167 x 36 cm
Weight (with stand)43 inch: 12 kg
50 inch: 16.9 kg
58 inch: 21 kg
65 inch: 29.2 kg
70 inch: 28.2 kg
75 inch: 32.8 kg
Release dateAvailable
Official price43 inches: €650
50 inches: €800
58 inches: €900
65 inches: €1,000
70 inches: €1,200
75 inches: €1,700

Three-sided Ambilight

Philips 8506 The One

It is one of the star features of Philips, and could not miss in this The One 8506 as representative of all that is good about the brand. It is that technology of LED lights that simulate elongating the image of the screen on the wall behind the TV. No matter the color or intensity of the image on the screen, these lights replicate the hue and expand it across the screen. Something that makes you do not have to decorate or use auxiliary lights in the living room. It’s all included on the TV.

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Philips 8506 The One

In addition, in this 8506 model, the Ambilight technology is extended on three sides to cover the entire rear spectrum of the TV: sides and top. The agility they change intensity and color is practically the same as on the screen, so the experience is completely immersive. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if your wall is not painted white, you can adapt the hue from the TV’s Ambilight settings, where you can also manage other details such as making the lights follow the rhythm of the music, for example. All so that the decoration that this TV adds is to the consumer’s taste.

Improved Image Pixel By Pixel

The brain of this TV Philips The One 8506 is the P5 Perfect Engine. A feature that may not tell you anything as a user, but it is noticeable from the first moment you start watching content on this panel. Images are scaled, sharpened, and colored in such a way that the sense of quality is great whatever the source of the image. You can even customize the experience by choosing the degree of definition and color saturation as soon as you start the TV for the first time. But the Philips P5 processor is not the only one to credit for this great picture quality.

Philips 8506 The One

Dolby Vision, another image enhancement technology that helps boost brightness, generate more contrast with deeper blacks, and define colors, also has a lot to do with the brain. Of course, we are talking about a 4K picture resolution in this Philips The One, although what is remarkable is that it is also compatible with most HDR formats available on the market, such as HDR10+, so that the content you see in your living room is what the director wanted to record and compose for viewers.

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Philips 8506 The One

And watch out, if you are a gamer this Philips The One 8506 TV is also an ally for the cause. It has HDMI 2.1 ports to transmit images quickly from the current consoles of the last generation. It also has automatic settings focused on reducing latency so that the game responds instantly. All this is accompanied by VRR technology so that the game images are displayed smoothly and always with the option to synchronize the Ambilight lights so that the experience goes even beyond the panel.

Android TV Compatible with all Assistants

Philips 8506 The One

In addition to being a TV full of color, outside and inside the screen, this Philips The One 8506 is also smart. Inside it has the Android TV operating system preloaded, which means having all the compatible Android apps at your disposal. And a store, Google Play Store, from where you can get them (mostly for free). Not only can you download Netflix, HBO Max, or use YouTube comfortably, but you also have access to tools to create your servers at home and play on the TV all the content you bring to them. Even games for the TV. The options are very wide and varied thanks to this operating system. But not only that.

Philips 8506 The One

It is also compatible with the main intelligent assistants on the market. Of course, having Android, you can invoke the Google assistant with a special button for it. After a voice command, you can manage TV controls, choose the content you want to watch, or control some other connected device through this system. But you can also ask Amazon’s Alexa to choose the color of the lights of a smart lamp you have at home, for example.

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Enhanced and Personalized Sound with Mimi

One of the most striking points, in addition to its sound power of 20 watts, is the technology included so that each user has the best possible listening experience. It is called Mimi and consists of measuring the user’s hearing capabilities and then, thanks to the algorithms and processing of all this data, the sound emitted by The One TV is the best possible for that particular user.

Philips 8506 The One

The process is simple. First, you have to do a test with the Mimi Hearing Test application on your cell phone. This measures your hearing ability. Then, thanks to a QR code in the sound menu of this TV you can dump all the information collected by the app. Thus, the Mimi technology adapts the sound emitted by The One so that your perception is the most adjusted and best possible. A quality that makes the experience of using this TV much better and more personalized.

Minimalist and Elegant Design

But Philips not only looks at the sound and image are of the highest quality. The container of all this technology has also received the attention of the company. That is why The One 8506 is a stylish TV that fits with the lines and designs of any current living room. It has a simple bar-shaped stand to support the weight of all the equipment. And an additional plus point is that this stand is pivoting, it can be swiveled left or right if there is a piece of furniture or a living room layout where the viewers are not completely in front of the TV.

Philips 8506 The One

The frames, like the stand, are silver with a brushed metal finish. And they are really thin. Still, the TV has some presence in the living room even with the screen off. Although it is with Ambilight technology and content on the panel that it looks at its best.

The Best in One TV

Philips 8506 The One

The Philips The One 8506 TV is here to bring together the best of each Philips TV family. And it shows. From the first moment, you set it up to choose even the degree of definition of the image, to the details of the Ambilight light. It’s a nimble and capable TV thanks to the P5 processor and Android TV system. All this with great contrast, color, and brightness.

Pricing and Availability

Philips 8506 The One

The Philips The One 8506 TV is available for purchase for €700 for the 43-inch model. It is available in several models up to 75 inches for a price of €1,440.

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