Organization Apps: 6 Apps to Organize Routine

Organization apps are available for Android and iOS and can help users set up and follow the daily routine of tasks. The options are useful to monitor time, save important content, make notes and even view each step of a project. It is also possible to achieve focus with time management apps, which create strategies to keep the user away from the cell phone for certain periods. In the following list, check out six apps to organize your routine.

1. Toggl track

Toggl track

Toggl Track is an app that records the time spent on each task. The platform works like a stopwatch, which allows you to give a title to the running project. To start tracking your time, just press play. An interesting function of the app is the reports function, which displays graphs with information about how the user has divided his time.

The tool helps in the organization of tasks and is ideal for those who need to fulfill several demands throughout the day. It is also worth remembering that, with the home office, some companies ask their employees to register the time used to perform their duties. Toggl Track makes it easier to fill in this data.

2. Pocket


Pocket allows you to save web content in one place, making it a great option for saving text for later reading. To upload news, articles, and videos to the app, the user must select the sharing icon on the content platform and then choose the “Add to Pocket” option. An interesting function of the app is “Listen”, which turns any saved content into audio.

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With a simple layout, Pocket allows you to organize content in a list using tags or even archive files that are no longer of interest. The app’s features assist in organizing reading, as well as facilitating access to content that users wish to view later.

3. Trello


Trello is a task organizer popular among professionals in various fields. The app allows you to control and visualize production flows, and its layout consists of an editable board with several cards. You can customize the cards with task name, due date, and description. You can also assign employees roles to be fulfilled. Features such as “Labels” and “Checklist” help in organizing the demands and several people can be added to the same board.

The app allows the collaborators of a card to communicate through the platform itself. As the user advances in the tasks, s/he can move the card to the next production step until it is finished. The tool, simple and intuitive, is a task manager that can be useful to organize studies, work demands, and even travel.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep

Another application option to organize your daily routine is Google Keep, which works like a virtual notepad. It is possible to add reminders and notes quickly, easily, and without wasting paper. Users can also use the digital “post-its” to create to-do lists. In addition, you can also check off each time you complete a task.

You can also add pictures and recordings, and invite people by e-mail to participate in the virtual dashboard. Another interesting feature of the application is the drawing tool, which allows you to write as if it were paper and has several brushes.

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5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

As the name implies, Google Calendar is an application that works as a virtual calendar. The layout of the app features a kcalendarwith three viewing modes: monthly, weekly, and daily. This makes it easy to manage the meetings and tasks that are part of your routine. In the app, you can schedule calls and invite people, besides indicating the meeting location or platform with its respective link, in case it is remote.

An interesting feature is the integration to Google Workplace, which allows you to check the availability of colleagues from your team to participate in meetings. Google Calendar is mainly useful for managing appointments throughout the week, and also has a notification option.

6. Plantie (iPhone) and Forest (Android)


Although smartphones are useful for some tasks, spending too much time on the cell phone can end up hindering productivity in studies and at work. With this in mind, the time management apps Plantie, for iPhone, and Forest, for Android, bring features that help the user focus on real-life tasks. The platforms work as a kind of game, where the user completes a specified time without using the cell phone, he or she turns a plant seedling into a tree. If the person enters some other application or leaves the manager before completing the focus time, the tree dies.

The longer you can stay away from the cell phone, the more the trees will multiply. The goal then is to form a forest. The apps allow the user to choose the species of plant and the type of task they want to focus on. Instead of turning on the timer, the app displays the “Plant” button. Another interesting feature of the apps is the nature sounds, which can be added while the timer is on.

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