Mobile Video Editor: 10 Best Apps for Android and iPhone

Applications for video-making can be useful when editing clips on the phone. Apps can make it easy to share your video on YouTube, and have features like transitions, motion effects, color filters, and subtitles. Each mobile video editor has its advantages, so it’s common to have questions when choosing the right one for you. That’s why the following list brings 10 different video editing services available for Android or iOS phones.

The list includes advanced tools such as iMovie, Splice, and InShot, as well as video applications for basic editing such as Likee, VivaVideo, and Filmr. Check out the complete list to find out which video editor is best for you.

1. inShot


InShot is a free application that allows you to make a video with photos. Available for Android and iPhone, it has a simple and intuitive interface and accepts building projects with popular videos, audio, images, and effects. InShot detects the video’s audio track and lets you edit or add a soundtrack from music in your phone library.

The editor also offers to resize for different types of viewing, such as horizontal and vertical videos, and patterns for different social networks. Also, it is possible to apply zoom effects and modify backgrounds. Edited videos can be downloaded or shared on social networks and messengers.

2. iMovie


iMovie is a free video editing program from Apple. Available only for iOS, the tool has powerful features that can help create quality projects even without technical editing knowledge. The platform offers themes for slideshows, subtitles, descriptions, and various effects that can be applied to scenes.

The application interface offers the traditional timeline for adding or removing different video clips and audio tracks. The videos created in iMovie are imported into the mobile phone in various sizes and can be shared directly on messengers and social networks.

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3. Likee


Available for iPhone and Android, Likee is an app for making a video on the go or importing files from the mobile library. The tool does not compare to other alternatives on the list as far as the professional interface is concerned since Likee is also a social network. However, users of applications such as Instagram or TikTok can find it easier to work on their videos.

The app allows you to insert special effects, figurines, subtitles, and soundtracks. At the end of editing, it is possible to share on the user feed in Likee and export the media to the smartphone gallery. The platform also works as a social network where users can follow profiles and make comments on other people’s video productions.

4. Filmr


The Filmr was chosen by Apple as one of the best applications of 2019. The platform offers a simple interface and intuitive editing features so that content creators can make productions over the mobile phone with a more dynamic workflow. The video-making application offers features that can significantly improve productivity, such as transitions, filters, and various effects to change the appearance of scenes.

As a differential, Filmr offers the native option for recording videos with the insertion of augmented reality elements, called Filmr Toys. The application is available for Android and iPhone, it has integration for sharing on various social networks, including Instagram and Facebook. Also, the files can be posted directly on YouTube.

5. GoPro App

GoPro App

GoPro App is a video app available for both Android and iPhone that offers clip editing and sharing capabilities on the phone. It works for media created on different devices, such as DSLR cameras, smartphones, and, of course, a GoPro. The interface offers effective graphics and subtitles with stylish fonts, filters, and transitions that can raise the quality of any production. The application also offers dozens of music options for a soundtrack.

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Media sharing on social networks is simple. Besides, the platform offers engagement tips, such as the optimal length of a video for a particular social network – a feature that can be interesting for content creators. The editing interface allows you to merge different video clips, audio, and even photos into one project.

6. KineMaster


The video editor for Android and iPhone, KineMaster has a friendly interface, which makes the editing process more intuitive. With the free download, this tool offers online time editing to add effects, transitions between clips, and custom soundtracks.

It also offers themes with pre-defined features that speed up the video editing process. The process to export the media is done in different types of resolutions and the sharing is direct with Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

7. Splice


Available free for iPhone, Splice offers various image adjustments and advanced editing tools. Users can add transitions, camera effects, filters, subtitles, overlays, speed adjustments, soundtracks, narration, audio effects, and other professional features.

A project, like other applications in this list, can receive different video clips and audio tracks that will be merged into a single file. The generated file can be shared directly to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and online messengers. All features, however, are released from a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription.

8. VivaVideo


VivaVideo is a simple and direct tool available for both Android and iPhone. It offers the possibility to edit videos recorded on your phone with special effects and theme vignettes. The tool organizes the main features on different screens, such as video capture, editing, creation studio, visual effects materials, and collages. The dynamics are a little different from other applications of the genre, but it can be ideal for people who are not familiar with video editing software.

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The platform also allows you to create videos with photos. This way, you can create a slide with images by adding subtitles and other effects, making the final result dynamic and rich in editing. The app offers to share on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, there is sharing via email and the ability to save everything in the smartphone library.

9. Vizmato


Vizmato allows you to include effects in videos easily recorded by mobile phone. Available for Android and iPhone, the tool brings features such as frame acceleration, slow motion, mirroring, zooming, spiral images, and sticker insertion over the scenes.

It is a good choice of a video editor for YouTube, as it allows you to use new audio channels to add special effects such as clapping, laughter, and ambiance effects such as echoes. The app also offers an internal social network for sharing videos and analyzing other users’ productions.

10. Enlight Videoleap

Enlight Videoleap

Enlight VideoLeap is available for iPhone and has already been voted Apple’s best app of the year. It offers tools such as color filters, transitions, insertion of subtitles with stylized fonts, narrations, soundtracks, and various effects. The app is indicated to make both simpler editions and to create projects elaborated with professional elements, such as screen effects patterns, text descriptions, and animated transitions.

The media can be exported in different types of resolution that the user must define and that best fit the different sites and storage services. The file can be downloaded to the mobile library or directly shared on social networks and online messengers.

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