Logitech Pop Keys and Pop Mouse: Colorful Mechanic Keyboard and Mouse with Emojis and Customization

The keyboard market is experiencing a new renaissance. The experts have long enjoyed mechanical keyboards with fully customized keys for their tasks on the computer. And Logitech, being a brand with extensive experience in this peripheral, did not want to be left behind with its younger audience. Its proposal is the Logitech Pop Keys keyboard, which amalgamates everything a user could ask for: a compact keyboard, with a modern and colorful design, with professional quality thanks to its mechanical keys, customizable and, in addition, with keys for Emoji emoticons.

Logitech Pop Keys keyboard

It is a compact and wireless keyboard. It has a USB adapter to link comfortably to the computer, although it also has a Bluetooth connection. In this aspect, the adapter can be synchronized with a matching mouse without occupying more ports on the computer. And I emphasize the matching mouse because Logitech has also launched a mouse. The keyboard and mouse have three models full of color for these Pop Keys. A clear commitment to the younger and casual audience that mixes black and yellow tones in one, purple and yellow in another, or magenta and pink in the third. All this with rounded keys, a compact size, and, yes, quite heavy. Something that gives robustness to the set but subtracts portability to be the wireless portable keyboard of our mobile, laptop, or smart TV, for example.

Logitech Pop Keys keyboard

Its mechanical character makes me rate it more in my final assessment. It gives it professionalism, security, and that pleasure for the click and the full stroke that those of us who pound keyboards know how to appreciate. In addition, this detail allows users to replace the keys easily and also to clean them comfortably. The shape of the keys and the lack of a little more tilt can force you to spend a couple of days before adapting to type quickly and comfortably on this keyboard.

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Customizable and for use with any device

But if the design of this Logitech Pop Keys is one of its pillars, customization is another. Thanks to the software that can be downloaded from the Logitech website you can configure in detail from the F4 key to the F12 key. They have their default functions, but in the program, you can choose as many different options ranging from taking a screenshot to opening the calculator, through options such as maximize the window, go to the bottom of the page, suspend, open any menu, etc. So you can do absolutely everything with these keys. Just click on the program diagram and choose the action from the list presented.

Logitech Pop Keys keyboard

Although it also emphasizes especially the weight that has been given to the column of keys destined to the Emoji emoticons. Six buttons that come with faces to avoid wasting time looking for them wherever we are writing. And what’s more, they are also customizable. 8 keys can be replaced with the face of hearts in the eyes, the little fire, the emoji of laughter with tears, the heart, etc. Again, through the program, you can choose the position of these keys and, if you want, take advantage of these buttons to perform other quick actions.

All this, in addition, with a connection memory system that allows users to use the same Logitech Pop Keys keyboard with up to three devices: mobile, laptop, and desktop, for example. Thanks to the F1, F2, and F3 buttons you can switch from one to another quickly, without having to link again with each device.

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Logitech Pop Mouse: A matching mouse

Alongside the Logitech Pop Keys, another peripheral must not be missing: a mouse. They are launched in the same color ranges and with very similar functions. On the one hand, is to have a function button that serves to call a menu of Emoji emoticons at any time and place. Ideal for finding these elements and pasting them in tweets, messages, texts, etc. On the other hand, is that of connectivity to multiple devices to switch from one to another just by pressing a button. You can do this via the USB connector on the keyboard, as has been my case, or via Bluetooth connectivity.

Logitech Pop Mouse

One of the special advantages is the design of the mouse wheel. Not only is it a very precise wheel to move step by step through pages and documents without getting lost in big jumps. It also allows users to quickly scroll down to the bottom of a feed or wall or a very long web page. All this without losing sensitivity and being able to control the scrolling of the wheel again at any time.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech Pop Keys keyboard and Pop Mouse are released in three different colors independently: yellow, purple, and pink. They are available for purchase on Logitech’s website and through the usual physical technology stores like Amazon.

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