Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition: Exclusive Design OLED TV

Can it be an “Ibizan” TV? The German company Loewe, focused on design and technology, has a new exclusive model in its family of televisions. It is the Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition which, behind this peculiar name, shows a very interesting image thanks to the OLED technology of its very thin panel and has interesting additions such as a double broadcast signal recorder.

But the differentiating point is the style and design of its finish, with an acoustic fabric that surrounds the 6 speakers with 80W power in a white tone that may remind us of the culture of Ibiza. Although it is to give a touch of color to the living room still fits with most styles. Of course, it is a high-end product that arrives for a price of €4,000 in its 55-inch model, and €6,000 if you opt for the 65-inch size.

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition Datasheet

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition
Diagonal55 inches
Resolution and technology4K, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
panel typeOLED UHD 2160p (3.840 x 2.160 píxeles)
ProcessorQuad Core SX8
Operating systemLoewe OS 6.4
ControlRemote control
Sound80 watts, 6 speaker bar
connections4 HDMI 2.0, 3 USB (two 3.0), Optical, RJ-45, Headphone out, 2 CI+
wireless connectivityWiFi 802.11ac 2×2 doble banda, Bluetooth 4.2
SupportDessert (included), manual adjustment +-20º
OthersMimi Defined (custom sound), Disco Loewe DR+ 1Tb (standard)
Dimensions 123.6 x 78.8 x PD 6.8 / TD 27.0 cm
Weight (with base)29 kg
Release dateComing soon
Precio55 inches: 4,000 euros


The real raison d’être of this Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition is its new design. A differentiating touch within a Loewe Bild v family that already has its lines and elements to make a difference. And is that Loewe has been producing design TVs for several years now to combine good technology and lines that break with what is seen in the market, resulting in these TVs with a super thin panel that, in this case, becomes a device that could be placed in the middle of the living room. As an element of passage, to be seen from the front and back without its rear frightens anyone.

It does so with lines that go for simplicity and minimalism. It is noticeable in the front area, with thin, straight frames and a curved surface that intertwine perfectly with the rounded corners and the characteristic lower circle, a trademark of the company.

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

And it is also visible from behind with a simple black finish but smart for cable management. The ports are hidden on the right side behind a cover that is easy to remove and put on to connect HDMI, USB, or optical audio ports. This, in addition, Loewe has designed channels to carry these cables and unify them in the back outside the TV. So it is not only more convenient to manage, but cleaner and also more eye-catching. Giving the option of being placed in the middle of the living room as a dividing element without worrying about cables or a rear finish that breaks with the aesthetics of the room.

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But beware, in this Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition, the key is in the finish of its acoustic fabric. This is the fabric that covers the lower element of the TV: the speakers. On this occasion, Loewe has created an exclusive white design that gives it a cooler, more eye-catching look than typical all-black TVs. The white tone, in addition, combines with any other color and material in the living room, so it is a good choice to give brightness to that corner with a simple but eye-catching element.

By the way, Loewe offers different possibilities in terms of support for this TV. As standard, it comes with a stand that repeats the color of the frames in simple lines and flat surfaces. But there are also options such as floor stands or even a motorized stand to pivot up to 45 degrees to the left or right directly from the remote control. And so the screen can be directed to either side of the room.

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

Of course, Loewe has not forgotten another of its design signatures in this TV. We refer to the detail of the Loewe label in the upper right corner of the equipment. It protrudes slightly from the frame and represents a label but in a metallic finish. It thus plays with the perception of the design of garments in the field of electronic devices, making it clear that it is a TV from this German brand and that it is a design device and not a mere TV.

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

But what about the remote control, does it maintain the aesthetics of the TV? In this case, we have been able to see that Loewe breaks the lines of the screen design and plays with dual tones and different finishes for the remote control. It is a large and elongated remote control with many buttons that do not bet on the minimalism and compactness of brands like Samsung. In it, we find a glossy black top and the rest of the surface in a metallic tone. It does not have shortcuts to activate different streaming platforms, but it does have buttons for quick access to the PiP (picture in picture), the program guide, DR+ recording options, Teletext, or playback control. A remote perhaps too big for our taste and with an aesthetic that is not as modern and minimalist as the TV.

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Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

Two points stand out, especially in the panel of the Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition. On the one hand, is that it does not neglect technological advances and displays a panel that lives up to the expectations of a designer TV. Although it doesn’t scale to 8K, its 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels is more than enough to display sharp scenes in fine detail. In addition, it appears that 8K TVs could face problems in Europe soon due to power consumption issues. All this, moreover, using OLED technology to display these images on the panel. If you are not familiar with it, it consists of the use of self-luminous LEDs that can be individually turned off if they do not need to show color or light. This means that, in scenes with dark or completely black parts, they show full depth, without phantom lighting problems such as blooming. What’s more, it emphasizes contrast and brightness and helps to better define those contours and elements that do show color or brightness in the scene. This raises the sense of image quality above that of LED panels, which do not have as sharp an illumination system, nor as sharp a contrast.

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

On the other hand, although hand in hand with the OLED panel technology, is its appearance or thickness. This Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition can boast of thinness. The upper half of the panel, which leaves behind the bulky part with components and connections, looks thin. Just 6.8 millimeters. It stands out for its elegance and simplicity and demonstrates how interesting OLED technology is beyond image quality, allowing thinner panels by not having an extra lighting system for the pixels.

In addition, this panel arrives with support for the main HDR technologies on the market, allowing to apply contrast and display on the screen all the elements as their creators recorded them. We are talking about HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. What’s more, Loewe ensures that the panels are individually calibrated to represent colors vividly and realistically. Thanks to this you can also take advantage of the cinema mode to match colors and enjoy the home theater experience more faithfully.


Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

Beneath the panel of the Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition, covered by that distinctive white acoustic fabric, is the TV’s sound system. A team formed by no less than 6 drivers and with a maximum power of 80 watts (2 x 40W), it can fill a large living room with sound. All this with a bass reflex box closed to achieve remarkable bass and tuned mids and treble, as if it were a soundbar integrated with the TV. But it doesn’t come alone.

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Alongside these components, there are also interesting sound technologies such as Mimi Defined, focused on personalizing your listening experience. Thanks to this tool you can evaluate and create your hearing profile according to your perception of sound thanks to an application. By doing so and configuring Mimi Defined on the Loewe TV, it analyzes and adapts each sound in real-time to suit that profile. This will boost the bass or treble as needed, and allow the user to enjoy any content whatever their hearing condition.

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

And, if the 80 watts of sound power is not enough for you, Loewe has also launched a wireless speaker that allows you to add power and power to your equipment. It’s called the Loewe Klang sub 1 and features a distinctive circular design covered in acoustic fabric.


Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

Inside the Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition TV is the SX8 processor with four cores in charge of moving the applications, functions, and technologies that are applied to the image and sound. It moves the Loewe OS 6.4 operating system that has a comfortable interface to move through the different applications and compatible services. You will have a menu on the left to jump between TV services, sources, recordings, and the rest of the apps. And it has an interactive guide that not only shows what is being broadcast live but also the time slot and access to another of the TV’s star functions: content recording.

Thus, the DR+ recording menu can pick up the recorded content directly by pressing the button on the remote control or program the recording from the EPG or program guide. What is curious in the case of this Loewe TV is that it also allows simultaneous recording of up to two different signals. In case two of your favorite programs coincide and you do not have time to watch any of them live.

Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

In addition, the Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition also enables permanent time-shifted TV via the Timeshift function. Or the Follow Me function, which also offers time-shifted transmission of content.


Loewe Bild v.55 DR+ White Edition

With state-of-the-art panel technology and a fine-tuned design, it was to be expected that the connectivity of this TV would not be left behind. Behind that cover we mentioned in the design section, we find all kinds of ports. It has four HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2, one of them with eARC technology. Of course, there is also wired and wireless Internet connectivity. It has two Common Interface CI ports, three USB ports, and a Bluetooth connection. In addition, it has digital and analog audio output, as well as a 3.5 mm mini-jack.

With all this, it is possible to connect Blu-ray players, game consoles, stereos, and other common peripherals without missing anything.

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