Loewe Bild c.43: A Quality TV For The Bedroom or Kitchen

If you want a designer TV, stylish and with great care for the materials, Loewe is one of the brands that will interest you the most. This German firm has many years of experience in creating premium equipment, and one of its latest exponents is the Loewe Bild c. This TV is focused on the small format (here we will talk about the configuration in 43 inches, but also exists in 32 inches), to serve as second equipment in kitchens or bedrooms or in those rooms where you do not want to give too much importance to the TV.

Among its most interesting features, we find a panel type Edge LED own company, compatibility with the main HDR systems on the market to improve the color of compatible content, and an audio system, which consists of 2 30W speakers with improved bass reproduction through its bass-reflex acoustic bass-reflective enclosure. The Loewe Bild c.43 is available in stores for a price of €1,350. In this article, we will tell you the main details of this model.

Loewe Bild c.43 Datasheet

Loewe Bild c.43
Diagonal43 inches (also available in 32 inches)
Resolution and technologyUltra HD (3840 x 2160) 4K, 500 nits brightness, HDR (HLG / HDR10 / Dolby Vision / WCG)
panel typeEdgeLED
Dimensions and weight97.0 x 63.3 x 25.4 centimeters
14.7 kilos
Operating systemLoewe os7
Sound2 loudspeakers x 30W
OthersPre-installed apps like Netflix, new Loewe SL7 chassis
connectivity4 HDMI 2.0b ports, HDMI eARC
2 USB ports (one with USB 3.0)
Ethernet port
Release dateAvailable
Price1,350 euros


Loewe Bild c.43

Without any doubt, the great workhorse of this Loewe Bild c.43 is its design. As usual in Loewe equipment (and in general all its products), the company has put a lot of care into the appearance and shapes of this TV. Its design highlights the lower bezel of the screen, where we find a band of fabric in which the speakers are housed, and also the logo of the brand, within the characteristic silver circle in which we can see the light on and off the TV. Also noteworthy is its stand, with four metal blades. Two of them come to the front and two to the back, to improve the stability of the TV and prevent it from falling.

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As for the bezels, they have a competitive size but you can miss that they were thinner to have the impression of being in front of an even larger screen. Overall, it is a TV with an attractive appearance and that characteristic touch of Loewe.

To operate the TV we have a metallic and elongated remote control that combines the black color in a small upper area and metallic in the rest. This remote has a vintage touch, with a large number of buttons (including the presence of a numeric keypad to access the TV channels faster). In the lower area, we find shortcuts to the main streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Prime Video, or YouTube. Also sneaking in here is RakutenTV, which has been present for years in remotes of top-level companies.

The dimensions of this Loewe Bild c.43 are 97.0 x 63.3 x 25.4 centimeters with the table stand, along with a weight of 14.7 kilos. Loewe has wanted to adapt to the needs of each user with the option to purchase an optional stand or mount this TV on the wall for a cleaner design. In addition, it has a cover that makes it easy to hide the cables so that they all come out in an orderly manner and does not spoil the appearance of the TV.


Loewe Bild c.43 Picture

In terms of picture, the Loewe Bild c.43 makes use of an LED-backlit Edge LED panel. It is not at the level of other OLED models from the firm, such as the Loewe Bild v.55, but it does offer a good balance between color reproduction, brightness, and contrast. One of the highlights of the panel is that it is compatible with the latest HDR systems, with which a higher contrast point and richness in colors are achieved. This includes HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision. The system developed by the company Dolby gives quite a lot of play by analyzing the environment in which the TV is through the sensors of the same, adapting the parameters of the image to the room so that the experience is ideal in any situation and time of day.

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In terms of resolution, this TV reaches 4K Ultra HD, the standard in which the vast majority of TVs on the market move today (as long as we do not go to very cheap or very expensive models).


Loewe Bild c.43 Audio system

Another of the points on which Loewe has wanted to put the accent is the audio system. This is helped by the use of an acoustic fabric at the bottom of the TV (as shown in the picture) that serves as a bass reflex and allows us to enjoy wider audio and bass with more packaging. In total, we have two 30W speakers, so despite being a more compact TV we can enjoy a more powerful experience than we usually find in TVs of this format.

By the way, this system is compatible with Dolby Atmos, which means that we will have a more professional surround experience in which we will have the impression that the objects in the image move in space.


Loewe Bild c.43 Remote

The German company includes its content platform. This has the advantage of greater customization, although we may be missing some applications that are not among the most popular. This Loewe os7 is focused on showing us streaming platform recommendations in the foreground and generally performs well.

The Loewe Bild c.43 is available in stores for a price of 1,350 euros. In short, we are looking at a TV that bases much of its proposal on design, one of Loewe’s main hallmarks. The use of quality materials and the attractiveness of its metal stand are noticeable, but above all the acoustic fabric in the lower area also increases the sound quality of this Loewe Bild c.43.

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