LG Xboom Go PK7: Features, Reviews, and Prices

The LG Xboom Go PK7 is a splashproof Bluetooth box that looks great for parties. The model features very bright and colorful front lighting, as well as great volume and good sound definition.

Nevertheless, with a starting price of $232, the device brings a series of limitations that can make a difference when buying according to your user profile. Techidence has evaluated LG’s box and shows what it thought of the following model.

LG Xboom Go PK7 Features

Playback Time22 Hours
LED Beat LightingYes
Water Resistance RatingIPX-5
aptX HD AudioYes
Dual TweetersYes
Action GripYes
PriceStarting from $160
Source: Amazon

Sound quality

Xboom Go PK7 has a very moderate sound, and its idea of quality can vary greatly according to the user’s taste. The model itself brings full audio, loud and clear, but without great highlights that make the device differentiated.

For those who like a sound at medium frequencies, with a balance of bass and treble, this can be an ideal choice. But for those who like more striking tones, such as deep bass and crystal clear treble, PK7 does not stand out. Even with the woofers on the sides, the box bass is quite shallow, and the mid-tones predominate. At high volumes, you can get tired of listening to music with PK7 for about one hour.

Since the great attraction of the box is to be “ideal for parties”, the sound fulfills what is expected, as it is clear and reaches very high volumes without much distortion. Besides, it highlights the vocals very clearly. But a more “heavy” bass would give a touch of greater filling for use in large environments or with many people.

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The look of PK7 is its great differential. With very solid construction, it seems to hold up well to stalls and even certain falls. Although it has plastic support around it, which can end up breaking with some bigger falls, the rest of the box is quite robust. This, however, makes it very heavy concerning its size: with dimensions of 32 x 16.7 x 15.2 cm, it weighs almost 3 kg.


About beauty, LG’s box also does not leave anything to be desired. Besides the modern design, its front lighting, which changes according to the rhythm of the music, calls for a lot of attention. It alternates between neon colors such as purple, blue, yellow, green, and red, blinking, and varying its movements. In the dark, it can be your complete party.


The Bluetooth box brings an app that adds some extra functions to your use, but without major highlights. Through the app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), you can control the colors and speed of the lights on the device, as well as minimally equalize the sound with “Enriched Bass” and “Clearer Vocals” (which are also present on the physical buttons above the device). Greater control of each equalization range was lacking.

The great feature of PK7 is that it is splash-proof. Although we have not tested how much water it can take directly, in small splashes it responds very well. For pool environments – again, a great option during parties – it will serve very well.


The battery is a big highlight of the XBoom PK7. With a day-long warranty, the equipment delivers what it says. You can rest assured that it can play for at least 22 hours non-stop, up to more than 24 hours if you turn off the lights and use it at lower volumes.

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LG PK7 was launched with a suggested price of $232. The price is high, especially considering that it does not bring many highlights beyond its look and good battery life. However, as the device can be found on the internet with much lower values – from around $160 or lesser on Amazon, it’s already more within the fair for a box with this offer.



If you’re looking for a custom-made soundbox to entertain parties, this is a good one. Its look and lighting will be a success, and its battery has a very reliable duration and brings the differential of being splashproof and rainproof. The question of the box is more related to its sound, without very marked bass, which can end up becoming a “landscape” in a big or very busy environment.

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