The LG SN4 is an entry-level soundbar that arrived on the market in 2020. Although it has been on the market for some time, the device is still a good option for users looking for a device to improve their living room sound system. The model has 300 W of sound power and promises to fill the entire room with its subwoofer. The soundbar stands out because of its extra features to enhance music and movie playback: the device has audio features such as DTS Virtual X, Dolby Digital, and AI Sound Pro.

Another specification highlighted in the model is the TV Sound Sync, which promises fast synchronization with LG’s TVs. Check out, below, the main specs of the LG SN4 and find out if the model is a good option for you.

LG SN4 Datasheet

DimensionsBar 89 x 5.7 x 8.5 cm and Subwoofer 17.1 x 39.2 x 26.3 cm
WeightBar 2.12 Kg and Subwoofer 5.4 Kg
Bluetooth Version4.0
ConnectivityUSB, Bluetooth 4.0, Optical and 
Sound Power300W RMS, 100W on the soundbar and 200W on the subwoofer
ExtrasAI Sound Pro, TV Sound Sync, DTS Virtual X, and Dolby Digital



The LG SN4 soundbar comprises two audio components: the soundbar and the subwoofer. With a simple look and not many eye-catching details, the device is an option that can fit in well with the decor of any room. Despite being an entry-level version, the model has large dimensions: 89 x 5.7 x 8.5 cm for the soundbar alone, and 17.1 x 39.2 x 26.3 cm for the subwoofer.

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The soundbar is usually installed close to the TV, and in the case of the LG SN4, because it is an 89 cm long model, it can be better positioned on TVs that are 60 inches or more. The subwoofer has a wireless connection, which makes it easy to install next to the furniture in the living room, but you still need a power supply to turn it on.

In connectivity, the soundbar has two HDMI inputs, one USB and one optical input, which is useful for connecting to older television models. In addition, you can also pair devices with the soundbar via Bluetooth. The LG SN4 can be controlled from your cell phone with the manufacturer’s app or the remote control that comes in the box. There are also physical buttons on the side of the soundbar to control the volume and turn on the device.

Power and Sound


With the promise of clear sound that fills the entire living room, the LG SN4 soundbar is a model with 300W RMS sound power. This is divided between the soundbar, which has 100W of power, and the 200W of the subwoofer, responsible for making the music beats and movie and series audios more powerful.

The stereo has 2.1 channels – two speakers in the soundbar and a separate subwoofer to ensure more bass power.

Audio features


The LG SN4 has some audio features that enhance the user experience according to their needs. AI Sound Pro ensures automatic adjustment of vocal equalization of the played content, which promises to make sounds more pleasant and more precise.

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The soundbar also features Dolby Digital and DTS X audio, which can be an interesting option to use in sync with TV audio. DTS X is a sound effect capable of creating a kind of audio bubble around the user, which tends to improve the sound quality and promises to increase the immersion in the content.

Price and cost-effectiveness


LG’s SN4 soundbar is an entry-level model but presents interesting features for users looking for a cheaper model. The device is available on the Amazon website for $261.

With technologies such as AI Sound Pro, TV Sound Sync, DTS Virtual X and Dolby Digital, LG’s entry-level sound bar can be an interesting option for users who want to improve the audio quality in the living room without spending too much. Despite being a 2.1-channel model, the device promises power to fill the room.


Samsung's HW-A455/ZA

In the domestic market, it is possible to find soundbar models that compete with the power of the LG SN4. Samsung’s HW-A455/ZA is a soundbar with surround sound and 300W RMS power. With a Bluetooth connection, the model also has a wireless subwoofer and gaming mode as the main highlights. The product can be found on Amazon starting at $145.95.

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