Is Malwarebytes good? Learn about some antivirus features

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a virtual security program with versions for Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS, as well as specific editions for Android and iPhone (iOS). The service is offered in both free and subscription mode, with advanced tools for searching and removing malicious software.

Malwarebytes antivirus promises to ensure protection against malware of various types, plus additional features such as browser extension or VPN for private and safer browsing. In the following lines, check out information about the software and find out if Malwarebytes is any good.

What is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is traditional security software on the market, which had its first version released in 2005. The year before, Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, had infected his family’s computer with malware despite using a well-known antivirus. Interested in solving the problem, he discovered that there were many new variants of malware in circulation and that the security tools of the time could not handle the job.

Working with a computer technician in Chicago, USA, Marcin launched Rogue Remover: a simple application that allowed the removal of malicious code and that would gain some popularity among users and experts alike. Rogue Remover would be the seed of Malwarebytes and Anti-Malware.

As far as features go, Malwarebytes’ product is well equipped: there are real-time protection mechanisms against infections, special tools to identify more specific threats such as spyware and ransomware, and protection against fake websites. In more complete subscription plans, the product offers access to VPN to make surfing more private, secure, and remote from attackers.

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Does Malwarebytes have a free version?


The antivirus is offered in two modes: Malwarebytes Free (free version) and Malwarebytes Premium (subscription version). In the free mode, the user has free access to all functions of the app for 14 days. At the end of this period, the Anti-Malware reverts to a very limited level.

The only functionality available for the free version of the product is to scan and identify malware at work on the computer, but there is no real-time analysis to prevent further infection. A monthly subscription for a single device costs $3.33 – as of the publication date of this article.

Available Platforms

Malwarebytes offers Anti-Malware for Windows and macOS PCs and Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Users of Chromebooks, or computers running ChromeOS, can also access a specific edition of the antivirus.

In addition to these editions, the product offers a browser extension – compatible with Chrome and its derivatives, as well as Firefox – to analyze traffic and the integrity of links and websites in real-time.

Malwarebytes Features

In addition to the basic tools of an antivirus, Anti-Malware has additional features. Browser Guard, for example, is a Malwarebytes browser extension that works to protect the user from scams by offering ad blockers and mechanisms that prevent advertisers from tracking your surfing by identifying your Internet behavior.

Another Anti-Malware-specific feature is Exploit Protection: the tool acts directly on popular apps – such as web browsers and office apps – creating a layer of protection that seals off these apps from attacks that may take advantage of unpatched security vulnerabilities.

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Anti-Malware also offers quarantine technology, where files suspected of being infected by some kind of threat are encrypted and placed in an area where they cannot cause damage to the system. The user has the power to permanently remove these files or restore them to their original locations.

How to download Malwarebytes?


Downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is easy: by going to the developer’s official website (, you can locate the “Free download” option in the upper right corner. Just click on it to start the installer download process.

The installation itself is also simple: choose whether you are using a home or business computer, and then click “Install”. You will need to confirm some details, such as the parallel installation of Browser Guard, throughout the process.


Anti-Malware is not the only security software on the market that works on a subscription basis and provides features such as a real-time protection mechanism, infection scanning, or even a browser extension. The product’s trump card in a direct comparison with rivals is its lower price.

Programs such as Norton, Kaspersky, and McAfee also provide the features mentioned above and can count on extra resources, such as the offer of several devices at the same time in the same subscription, VPN accessible in more basic plans, and even password manager – technology that Malwarebytes does not provide in the current version of the product.

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