Is Canva Pro Worth it? See Publisher Pricing and Features

The Canva Pro is the monthly or annual subscription version of the Canva. In the Pro plan, the user has access to more advanced editing features such as a background remover for photos and automatic image resizing. Also, there are other advantages such as access to image banks with more than 75 million items, 100 GB of space, and 24-hour technical support.

With a price of $119.40 per year (or $12.95 per month) for up to 5 people, the Canva Pro still offers some free plans for students and non-profit organizations. Below, see in detail how the Canva Pro works and if it is worth it to you.

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is the paid plan of Canva, a powerful image, and video editing service, with emphasis on design features for social networking posts. In general terms, the plan offers advanced tools that are relevant to those who depend on a complete and more professional platform to create content.

Among the various subscription features, the user finds storage of up to 100 GB, access to image banks with more than 75 million photos, videos, and ready elements, and priority technical support. At the moment, the annual subscription costs $119.40 (which is an average of $9.95 per month). The monthly plan comes out at $12.95.

Canva Pro Resources

Canva pro resources

The paid version of Canva goes beyond the basic editing and creation resources, available in the free mode. Among the main features, Pro has 100 GB storage, 420 thousand different templates, access to image bank material with more than 75 million items (among photos, videos, and elements), 3 thousand different fonts (also allowing the upload of user fonts), and priority technical support.

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In addition to these features, the Canva Pro makes it easy to apply visual identity features such as logos and colors of a brand, one-click image resizing, GIF animations, background remover to facilitate the use of photos in designs and the ability to schedule social network postings directly from the Canva.

Available Platforms

The Canva Pro has a web version, which you can use from any Internet browser, in addition to applications for Android, iOS, and iPadOS systems.

Canva Pro Prices

For the Canva Pro, the prices are $119.40 for the annual subscription (the equivalent of $9.95 per month), or $12.95 in the monthly plan for 5 users(You pay for a user and get 4 users free). Besides this package, there is also the option of the Enterprise plan, which costs $360 per user per year ($30 per month). The service offers 30 days free for any of the paid plans.

There is also the possibility of obtaining discounts or even total discounts. The Canva offers programs with more affordable prices for students and teachers, called Canva for Education, which has very similar resources to the Canva Pro. The option, aimed at students and teachers, is free, but it is necessary to register and wait for the review to be eligible for the benefit.

Canva for Education

There is also a similar plan for non-governmental and charitable organizations called Canva for Non-profits. The level of resources is similar to the common Pro program, but it is offered completely free. Once again, just like in the educational mode, it is necessary to make a registration and wait for the review of the application.

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Canva for Nonprofits

The Canva is a little limited in terms of forms of payment: the service offers only the possibility of paying via credit card.

Differences to the free version

The free version, of course, is more limited and simple. However, the basics of Canva’s features are there: you have access to 8,000 free templates (420,000 in Pro), hundreds of thousands of free photos and elements (75 million in Pro), and more than 100 different types of formats (such as pre-defined designs for postings, presentations, letters, etc.).

The differences in usability in favor of Pro are numerous and some very important. One of them is the automatic background remover – which simplifies the use of photos in designs. There is also a resizer that works with just one click to adjust your creation to the ideal format of different networks, for example. Pro also lets you upload photos, logos, and other graphic elements to further customize your designs.

Other advantages of Canva Pro are the 100 GB storage (against only 5 GB of the free plan) with the right to create unlimited folders (only two for free). The Pro also offers integrated technical support 24 hours a day, while free Canva subscribers need to solve problems themselves through self-service.

Is Canva Pro worth it?

Canva Pro

The answer to this question is necessarily a notion of how much content you need to create per month and the level of professionalism you need to impose in this production. With a wide variety of formats and templates, a generous image bank, and advanced features, Canva Pro is a great option for professionals who work with social networks of personalities and companies.

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If your profile is less professional, or if your volume of material per month is not large, considering the free plan may make more sense. In any case, the free 30-day Canva Pro offer can help you decide your choice if you are in doubt between the free on the one hand and the more advanced features on the other.

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