Intel vPro is a platform for enterprise PCs. It brings together a range of features and solutions for large PC fleets, including remote management, performance enhancements, and hardware- and firmware-level security. This provides corporations with more stable and secure networks, reduced risk of hacker attacks, and increased employee productivity.

PCs with Intel vPro run Windows and the platform is present in a series of devices that go beyond the conventional computer. Learn more about the technology and find out what are the advantages of buying a machine equipped with Intel’s enterprise system.

What is Intel vPro?

Intel vPro is a PC platform designed for businesses. Its differentiator is hardware-based features that increase performance, security, manageability, and stability in business computers.

What is Intel vPro for? What features does Intel vPro have?

The main goal of Intel vPro is to bring better security and performance – including system stability and manageability – to business PCs. These machines are attractive targets for hacker attacks as they handle large volumes of sensitive data, including serial banking transactions. According to a 2016 survey by Sozo Technologies, about 50% of crucial corporate data was on unprotected desktops and laptops.

For this, the platform has several integrated features. One of them is Intel Hardware Shield, which protects the machine beyond the operating system, offering defense against attacks at the firmware and hardware levels. Among other actions, it locks down memory in the BIOS, reducing the chances of malware getting in.

Another important function is Intel Active Management Technology, or Intel AMT. The software, which requires activation, offers a remote management solution, allowing IT teams to control devices inside and outside the corporate firewall securely via the cloud.

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Features also include support for Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 4 technology, and mechanisms for increased battery life, among others. Thus, Intel vPro promises a better working environment for employees and IT staff in companies within the industry.

Intel vPro Processors

Intel vPro devices feature Intel Core i5, i7, or i9 processors; the “vPro” designation is stamped to help identify the PC that ships the system, which requires an eligible chip and other hardware and software elements. On PCs, the platform requires Windows operating system.

In common, current Intel vPro processors offer Intel UHD graphics cards with 4K content compatibility, options for DDR4 and DDR5 memory controllers, fourth and fifth-generation PCIe, Thunderbolt 4 technology, and support for Wi-Fi 6/6E 802.11ax standards.

Which devices are equipped with Intel vPro?

Intel vPro is primarily found in PCs, including laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, and workstations. But computers are not the only devices equipped with the Intel platform.

vPro is also present in interactive kiosks, such as points of validation for parking tickets or snack purchases, digital signage, and industrial equipment, among other machines. Thus, companies of virtually any size and segment can use Intel vPro.

What are the advantages of using Intel vPro?

According to research conducted by Intel in 2018, small business employees lose one business day every year just waiting for their computers to boot up. They also reported being up to 12% less productive on PCs that are three or more years old, leading to an estimated potential cost of $7,794 per year, per user.

By delivering enterprise-class performance to PCs, Intel vPro tends to lessen this problem. The machine with the platform offers faster data analysis, improved security, a more stable system, longer battery life, and simpler connectivity, resulting in increased overall productivity.

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Another advantage of Intel vPro is Intel AMT, which eliminates the need for other enterprise software for remote management. This allows the IT or supports professional to assist other employees at a reduced cost.

Who can use Intel vPro?

According to Intel, vPro can be used by any business. In small businesses without IT staff, computers will provide security, stability, and better performance right out of the box, without people having to do a thing. In larger corporate environments, IT can enable advanced features such as Intel AMT to provide remote management and support.

However, one should keep in mind that the platform is designed to manage fleets of PCs. This means that the cost of an Intel vPro device for small firms with only two or three employees may be too high.

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