Instander: See features and risks when downloading modified Instagram APK

Instander is an Instagram modification (mod) available for Android phones. With two different versions – the “original” and the “clone” – the APK is distributed outside the Google Play Store and holds the promise of features that do not exist in the official app.

Among the features, Instander promises the elimination of ads from the social network, the ability to download video and image content, or even view Stories without issuing a view notification to the author. However, because it is unofficial, the app may pose risks to user data, and may even warrant banning from Instagram. Below, you can learn in detail about Instander, its features, and risks.

What is Instander?

Instander is a modified version of Instagram for Android that promises features such as the ability to download images, videos, and Stories from the social network, as well as ad-free content viewing. The app also allows users to view Stories without other people knowing, or even the ability to upload higher quality images and videos to the social network.


Instander is available in two different versions. The so-called “original” one, which requires the removal of the official Instagram, completely replacing the app on mobile, and the “clone” one, which can be installed in conjunction with the network’s official app. There is no Instander for iPhone (iOS).

However, since it is a modified version of Instagram, the app violates the social network’s terms of use and cannot be officially offered in Google’s Play Store. To get it, users need to download the APK file from external sources and manually install the app on their phones.

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How does Instander work?

In practice, the app behaves quite similarly to Instagram. To use it, users need to choose one of the two versions and install it on their cell phones, entering their login data for the social network. From there, the app loads the Instagram feed, allows access to the extra features of the modification, as well as giving access to the camera and resources to make posts on the network.


Overall, the graphic interface and operation of the app are quite similar to those of traditional Instagram. The big difference lies in the extra features the app offers and the risks of using the APK.

What are the risks when using Instander?

At least in its current form, the project’s official homepage does not present any information regarding how Instander works with the user’s data. In fact, by installing and using the application, you are taking the risk that your data may end up being intercepted by the developer. This includes the content of your posts, messages, and comments, as well as contact lists and even credentials such as logins and passwords.

Another important point concerns the rollout of the app. Since it cannot be downloaded via the Google Play Store, there is a risk that you end up downloading a “modification of the modification,” basically a hacked Instander to intercept data and install malware on your phone. Another risk related to using the modification concerns violations of Instagram’s terms of use. If it identifies the use of the modified app, the social network can block or ban your account.

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What is the difference between Instagram Aero and GB Instagram?

Instander is not the only modified app for Instagram. Other famous options are Instagram Aero and GB Instagram. In common, the trio offers features such as no notification of Stories viewing and the ability to download posts, for example.

Perhaps the most significant difference comes in GB Instagram’s machine translation tools, which allow you to read and send comments in other languages with machine translation in the app. GB Instagram and Instagram Aero also allow you to change the colors of the app’s interface and give you the ability to view the information of profiles that follow the user back.

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