Huawei Eyewear: first Harmony OS connected glasses with interchangeable frames

Huawei has waited until the end of the year to present its new devices, from the new Huawei P50 Pocket, the Huawei Watch D, and even its first glasses connected to Harmony OS. Last year they presented their X Gentle Monster Eyewear, now they come with third-generation glasses that offer connectivity with other devices in the Huawei ecosystem, interchangeable frames, and gesture control from the glasses themselves.

This is what we know about the new Huawei Eyewear, a device that fits within the trend of connected glasses that more and more manufacturers are showing, although they are very focused on design and control of other devices, not so much on augmented reality, which still seems to be a step further away.

HarmonyOS comes to connected glasses

Huawei Eyeglass

HarmonyOS is Huawei’s operating system and its main strength is the wide number of different devices on which it is available. We have it in mobiles, laptops, and tablets, but we have also seen it in watches, cars and now in connected glasses. It is still a system where through one of these devices we can send notifications, messages, and action commands to the rest. And this is precisely what this new Huawei Eyewear offers us.

The Huawei Eyewear are glasses where the technological components are in the rod and the heel but have a magnetic click to exchange frames, from full frames, pasta, air, or even incorporate dark glasses for the sun.

These new glasses have bone conduction headphones so that voice commands can be heard but not heard from the outside. Through them, we can receive indications of information that we have linked in the mobile.

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Here Huawei explains some examples of what we can hear with the glasses, from the weather, pending events, information about upcoming flights, answering calls, or reading and sending messages.

The Huawei Eyewear requires a cell phone with EMUI 10 or higher to work or directly with HarmonyOS. They feature Bluetooth 5.2 and have a USB C port for recharging.

On the right side, there is a haptic surface where you can double-tap or swipe to access the different functions.

They weigh 38.8 grams, although Huawei explains that the final weight may vary depending on the mount that is added. The stem of this Huawei Eyewear is also splash resistant, with IPX4 resistance.

Pricing and Availability of Huawei Eyewear

Huawei’s new connected glasses are now available to buy in China at an official price of ¥1,699, about €235 at direct exchange rates. Up to 6 different frames are offered, although it is not ruled out that in the future the company will present new designs as the system supports multiple options.

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