How to use Clubhouse on Android with its unofficial app ‘Houseclub’

We are going to explain how to use Clubhouse on Android, using an unofficial app while we wait for the official app to be released in the coming months. Clubhouse is one of the biggest hits of recent times in terms of new social networks, and for the moment it can only be used on iOS. That’s why many users are wondering how they can use it on Android.

While we wait for the official app, an independent developer has created an unofficial application to connect to Clubhouse on Android. Being an unofficial app, you should know that there is some risk that Clubhouse will expel those who use the Android adaptation, so keep that in mind when using it. There’s no word on what’s going to happen, but you should keep it in mind because it’s a possibility.

The only thing that this app will not do is allow you to register, you will need to have an invitation or start the process through the official app. However, in case you already have an account, you will be able to use it without any problems.

Using Houseclub on Android


The unofficial app for Clubhouse on Android is called Houseclub. It is not on Google Play, so to download it you must go to its official profile on GitHub. Once inside this website in your mobile browser, scroll down to the Releases section and click on the tags. This section will be at the bottom.


You will enter the releases page, which are the releases of the application. That is its different versions. Here, the first thing you should do is click on the latest version available, the one at the top with the highest number.

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Once you enter the version, although you can also do it from the version index, you must deploy the Assets section that appears below the version description. You will see the included files, and you must click on the APK file to proceed to download it. Android APKs are executable files to install apps manually, like Windows EXE files.


Installing APK files can be dangerous if you download them from anywhere or do not know the program. Therefore, by default, the mobile may warn you that they are dangerous files, and will ask you if you want to keep them anyway. In case it asks you, press the OK button or the option you have to keep to confirm the download and keep the file.


Once the download is complete, just click on the APK file to run it. You can do this from the notification bar as soon as the download is finished, or by searching for it later in the downloads folder using the file explorer.

Also for security reasons, Android blocks by default the installation of APK applications from the app you launch. You will get a message telling you that you need permissions, and you should click on the Settings option to go to the screen to grant permissions.

The Settings button should take you to a window where you can authorize the app to install APK files. However, depending on your Android version or customization layer, you may also need to activate these installations manually. To do this go to the Android settings and look for the term Unknown Origins in the security options or, in the latest versions, as Unknown Apps in the special access options. Use the search engine in the settings to find them.

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Once you have the permissions, you can run the APK and choose the Install option when the dialog appears. The application will be installed, and when it does you can open it whenever you want to start using it.


The first time you open Houseclub, you will see a message reminding you that it is an unofficial app, and you can start the registration or account creation process. Remember that you will need to have an invitation or an account created to create an account or log in to the one you have. That is something that this application can not provide, are the rules of Clubhouse.

However, if you already have an account created you will be able to log in and use Clubhouse normally from Houseclub. Here, all you have to do is browse and listen to the programs you want.

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