How to Set Up iCloud on Windows 10

iCloud is the perfect storage service for many to keep their memories and documents safe. It is also where backups of applications installed on the iPhone and iPad, such as WhatsApp, are stored. If you are a user of one of the company’s mobile devices, but still use your Windows PC, you can access all your information through the official iCloud application. We tell you how to set up the Apple cloud in Windows 10 without any problem.

How to Install iCloud for Windows

The first step you must take is to download the iCloud application developed specifically for Windows. There are two ways to download it. On the one hand, from Apple’s official website. Go to this¬†link¬†and click on Download iCloud for Windows on the Apple website.

iCloud download

This way, you will get the installation file to install iCloud in Windows. This method is especially interesting for those who still use Windows 7 or Windows 8. If your PC has Windows 10, the best option is to use the application store to download iCloud. To do this, open the Microsoft Store and search for iCloud. Once you are in the application tab, tap “Get”.

iCloud on Window store

Once the installation is completed, iCloud will be ready to be set up. Remember that the application will start automatically every time you log in to Windows. Therefore, it is not necessary to run it manually when you turn on your computer. In any case, you have direct access to iCloud in the usual places, such as the start menu or the system tray.

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How to Configure iCloud Correctly on Windows 10

To start synchronizing all your iCloud data with Windows, the first thing you need to do is to log in. You can do it from the dialog that will appear when you start the application. Log in with the usual data associated with your Apple ID.

iCloud login

Now, choose what data you want iCloud to download to your computer. First, check iCloud Drive to view all the documents and files you have saved in the Apple cloud. At that time, a shortcut will be created in the Windows file browser.

Icloud drive

Check the Photos box to download your iCloud photo library. Using the Options button you can activate shared albums and view them directly with your favorite image viewer. As with iCloud Drive, a shortcut will be added to the Windows file browser.

iCloud Photo

Now it’s time to set up your mail, calendars, contacts, and tasks. Note that this feature integrates with Outlook, but not with native Windows applications. If you are an Outlook user, this option is a must for you. If, on the other hand, you use Windows 10 Mail and Calendar, you must log in to iCloud from them.

iCloud mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks

Finally, this tool allows you to synchronize the bookmarks of your favorite browser in Windows 10 with the bookmarks in iCloud. These are accessible from the iOS Safari browser. Enabling this option may be interesting for those people who want to continue using Safari on their iPhones or iPad. However, from iOS 14, Apple allows you to change the default browser. It may be a good time to change Safari to Firefox or Chrome. In any case, iCloud for Windows supports the desktop versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

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iCloud bookmarks

As you have seen, Apple has developed a simple but effective application to access much of the data stored in iCloud. However, notes, keychain passwords, or iMessage messages are not present.

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