How to Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail

We are going to explain how to mark all the emails you have in Gmail as read, something that can help you a lot to speed things up and not to be bothered by the unread emails indicator. This is more useful the more emails you have accumulated because, after 50, it is as if there were other pages and it is not so easy to select them all.

This procedure will be useful in those cases in which you have more than 50 accumulated unread emails, maybe several hundred or 2000, and you simply want to be able to select them all at once to mark them as read without having to go through pages to do it. It is something much simpler than it seems, and you can do it both in the inbox and in any other folder.

Mark all your Gmail messages as Read

Gmail messages

The first thing you need to do is to log in to Gmail. Once inside the site, click on the down arrow on the select button. Not on the button itself, because then only the emails on the active page will be selected. When you do this, a menu of options will open, and you must click on the All option that will appear first.

Gmail messages

When you choose All, the emails of the active page will be selected, but you will also see an indicator if you want to select all of them. What you have to do here, is to choose the option to “Select the XXX conversations of in primary”, where the numbers of emails you have will appear. In addition to the inbox, you can also do this in any other inbox.

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Gmail mark as read

When you click on the above option, absolutely all the mails you have in the selected band will be selected. Now, what you have to do is click on the “Mark as read” button that will appear in the list of options above the emails, with the icon of an open envelope. In case you have any doubts, if you hold the button over the icon, the text of the option will be displayed.


When you click on the Mark as read option, as you have selected a large number of emails Gmail will show you a window to confirm the action en bloc. In it, it will tell you how many emails in total will be affected by what you are going to do, and here you have to click on the “OK” button to confirm it and mark them all as read.

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