How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Going without communication is not an option nowadays. It’s a good thing that the manufacturers have invested in new smartphones with higher power batteries and for the others, there are power banks and portable batteries for emergencies.

As all help is welcome, Techidence presents 11 tips on how to make your cell phone battery last longer and maintain efficiency for a longer period of use.

To ensure your battery will last until the end of the day, follow the tips below.

1. Activate the battery saving mode

battery saving mode

Both on Android devices and Apple iPhones, there are ways to regulate battery use at different levels. In Androids, the Optimized mode keeps performance balanced, while the economy mode limits background functions, processing speed, and visible elements such as screen brightness.

In iPhones, in Settings – Battery, it is possible to monitor battery health and choose Optimized Charging, to reduce wasting of use. You can also turn on Low Power Mode, which also temporarily reduces background activities.

However, on none of the systems do manufacturers recommend keeping the Energy Saver or Low Power mode on at all times. It is best to follow the other tips.

2. Stop background activity

background activity

Apps that use the Internet can perform activities in the background, such as new network connections, e-mails, messages, etc. This operation consumes battery and can represent a high consumption if the cell phone has many apps in this situation.

To avoid excessive power consumption, the user can prevent apps from performing actions when the program is not in use. To do this, access your phone’s application settings and turn off the function in the desired apps.

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3. Uninstall Apps

Uninstall apps

The latest versions of Android offer a very efficient battery control interface, capable of even isolating the apps that consume the most battery. The interface can be used as a way to list the apps that run in the background to solve the previous tip, but also to pick up the services that consume battery even when not being used very often.

4. Turn on dark mode

dark mode

This tip should be considered by anyone with an OLED screen. In these cases, the use of apps and system features with a dark interface reduces screen consumption, which has a positive effect on battery life.

The feature, which is already part of iOS 13, is now also present on Android 10. Those who use mobile phones with Android 9 can seek a similar effect by applying dark themes through apps and customization features.

5. Decrease the Screen Brightness

Decrease the Screen Brightness

The basic is simple: the brighter the screen, the higher the consumption. Although many devices have technologies that adjust the brightness of the display according to the brightness of the environment and/or understand the level that most pleases the user, it is ideal to disable the feature and adjust the intensity manually.

An extra tip here is to keep the system interfaces with dark colors and also apply a dark theme or wallpaper (the ideal would be 100% black), to save on brightness and battery.

6. Manage network connections

Consider connecting Bluetooth, data network, and GPS connections only when necessary, since they consume a lot of power when active. A little more drastic solution is to activate the Airplane Mode, to save that little bit of battery left for the last message or emergency call.

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7. Less vibration, more battery

Leave the vibration for when you really can’t use the smartphone’s sound signals, like in a meeting. Since the vibrating engine needs to be powerful enough to get our attention, it consumes a lot of energy. If it is not essential all the time, turn off the feature, as well as the vibrating feedback during typing.

8. Avoid excessive heat and cold

Try to protect your smartphone from extreme temperatures, with emphasis on the higher ones, because they compromise the performance of the batteries, especially the lithium-ion ones, which lose capacity and may even suffer irreversible damage. Attention, therefore, when leaving the cell phone exposed to the sun in the car, at the beach or pool, or to heat sources for long periods.

9. Original Charger

battery charger

It’s a pain in the soul when the original charger spoils. However, do you know the popular saying that cheap can be more expensive? In this case, it applies perfectly. Original chargers and compatible with the brand and model come with standard voltage and amperage ideal for the device, which preserves the integrity and capacity of the battery in the long term.

10. Let the smartphone “rest”

Avoid using your smartphone while it charges. When you touch the device, the system overheats (you can even feel it!) and this can damage it. Using it in these moments also brings something you don’t want: more time in the outlet. Hold the anxiety, it’s quick!

11. Neither zero nor 100

low battery

Experts recommend that you avoid letting your phone discharge completely. At the same time, you should try to remove it from the power source as soon as the charge reaches 100%, without leaving it charging all night long, for example.

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