How to make a PDF on a cell phone? 5 apps to save PDF file

Saving PDF files on your cell phone is possible with text editor applications such as Office Mobile and Google Docs. The Android and iPhone (iOS) platforms allow you to convert files from .doc or .docx formats to PDF in a few steps. Some options, such as WPS Office, have features to scan documents directly into the format, which can make the document easier to read on the smartphone.

In the list below, Techidence brings you five options of apps to save PDF files on your phone. Check out, below, what are the features of each of the platforms and the differentials of the services to know how to create PDF on cell phones.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs has an application available for Android and iPhone (iOS) that allows you to save PDF files on your cell phone in a few steps. You can even change the format of the saved documents by opening the file and exporting it on the app. Besides the already known functionalities of Docs, such as the ability to view, create, edit and share files in .doc and .docx formats, it is also possible to make a copy of a given document to save it in PDF.

To create a copy of a document, tap on the vertical ellipsis “⋮” next to the file name, and then tap on “Create a copy”. The copied item will be opened automatically by the platform, and to save it to PDF, you must tap on the dashes in the upper right corner of the document to open the menu. Next, tap on the “Share and export” option, and then select “Save as”. On the next screen, select “PDF Document” and tap “Ok” to finish.

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2. Office Mobile

Office Mobile

The Microsoft Office package is an old acquaintance in its PC version, and the platform also has apps for Android and iPhone. Just like the PC version, Office Mobile allows you to save .doc and .docx documents as PDFs, and scan papers to make a PDF of photos on your phone. The platform also separates saved files by format into folders with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

Office Mobile even allows you to sign the PDF, add bookmarks with colored pens, and text boxes with comments throughout the document. The platform also provides document templates for making a resume or catalog in PDF on the cell phone, for example. To save a PDF file in Office Mobile, tap the ellipses next to the text, and then tap “Convert to PDF”. Note that this does not replace the original file; it creates a copy of the document in PDF format. Thus, it is not necessary to create a copy of the file before converting it.

3. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat also has an app for Android and iPhone (iOS) and, besides being a famous PDF file viewer, it allows you to save documents in the corresponding format. The downside of the app is that the functions for editing, creating, and converting documents are paid, which limits the app’s capabilities to only PDF readings in the free version.

Another interesting feature of Adobe Acrobat allows you to scan PDF documents, however, this feature is available in another app from the company, Adobe Scan, which must be downloaded from separate online stores. The monthly fee for Adobe Acrobat is $14.99.

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4. WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) and allows you to export documents in .doc and .docx formats to PDF on the platform. The downside of the service is that when you save the document to PDF, the new file generated by the platform gets a WPS watermark. This can be removed by subscribing to the premium plan of the service, with monthly fees that cost $5.99.

However, WPS Office also has other useful functions. You can scan PDF documents into the platform using the cell phone’s camera. The app also has other features for PDF files, such as the ability to add bookmarks and highlight parts of the document. In addition, WPS Office allows you to edit text and insert photos into PDF files. However, these options are also blocked in the free version of the app.

5. Polaris Office

Polaris Office

Polaris Office also has versions for Android and iPhone (iOS). You can open and edit documents in .doc and .docx, and save files in PDF. However, the feature to convert the file format to PDF is paid and is available only to premium subscribers of the service, which has monthly fees ranging from $3.99 to $5.99. In addition, another negative point of the app is the excessive display of ads, which can compromise the usability of the service.

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