How to improve the quality of the video already recorded? See editing tips

Improving the quality of an already recorded video is possible with the use of specialized image editing programs. Although we are in the era of Ultra HD TVs, a most video produced is still in a resolution much lower than 4K. Cell phones and tablets with premium specifications indeed have high video quality, but the most commonly used models still record in HD and Full HD. This is not to mention old movies, clips, and TV shows created long before the high-definition fever, and other more homemade ones shared on sites like YouTube.

Fortunately, there is software that enhances the quality of finished videos, making the result more compatible with newly developed technologies. Below, Techidence has listed 8 programs that have features to increase the resolution of the video already recorded.

Some go further and count with upscaling, a feature that consists in increasing the dimensions of an image that is not in high definition, equating the pixel count to HDTV values (720p, 1080p, 2160p, or 4320p, the latter less frequently seen). See the list below.

1. Camtasia


Available for download on Windows or macOS PCs, Camtasia Studio is a complete tool for editing and videos. The software is primarily used to record the computer screen and add subtitles to movies, but it allows much more. The tool features upscaling, as well as tools for improving the quality of videos.

2. ProDrenalin


ProDrenalin is a video optimizer for Windows that eliminates problems such as perspective distortion and lack of image stabilization. The user can also easily adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, and white balance, and has a few presets at hand that further simplify the work. The software has a free license, which is valid for 30 days.

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3. Video Enhancer

Video Enhancer is a video file converter, but it can maintain – and even improve – image quality. That is because it has “super-resolution” technology, which can evaluate the information of each frame for use in all the others. It also has more than 200 VirtualDub filters and allows you to adjust colors, add visual effects and remove noise, with a wizard for easy operation.

4. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a video editor available for Windows and MacOS. The software offers everything from basic features such as cropping, splitting, and changing audio, to special features such as blurring a certain location or zooming in on a person.

There are also professional tools, such as distortion of certain areas of the screen, intelligent scene detection, face replacement for cases where people do not wish to appear, and audio separation. All this with a variety of filters, graphic icons, transitions, and dynamic animations both for use between clips and in the titles and credits.

5. WeVideo


Available in an online version that requires no installation on your PC, WeVideo is a cloud-based editor. To use it, all you need is the Internet and a login. You can choose presets and edit in drag-and-drop style. In addition to allowing for quick editing, WeVideo allows the user to use some filters when editing, and to make your projects exportable in high definition (1080p).

6. iMovie


iMovie is an Apple video editor, which is available for download on macOS and iOS (iPhone or iPad). It can be used by beginners or advanced users and offers several interesting features. There is the possibility to stabilize the image if the video was recorded without the aid of a tripod and has shaky scenes. The software allows you to improve the quality of videos through various options such as color changes, filters, and image corrections. All this with ease and in “just one touch”.

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7. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a computer program available for Windows and macOS, from the company Adobe Systems. The software is focused on professional video editing, so it is geared toward more experienced users. It offers several more robust tools that make it possible to alter frames and milliseconds of footage. With Adobe Premiere, it is possible to improve the quality of a finished video.

8. Clipchamp


ClipChamp is an online video editor, which allows you to edit and create videos through your computer’s browser. Unlike other programs, it is ideal for lay users as it does not require a lot of technical knowledge and has a practical and intuitive interface. The video editing option is ideal for making quick cuts to delete unwanted scenes or remove small imperfections.

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