How to Edit PDF On Android Safely

The downside of PDF files is that they are difficult to edit, unlike Word. Don’t worry; we will show you how to edit PDF on Android easily and, of course, for free.

PDF itself stands for Portable Document Format. This type of format was created in 1993 by Adobe Systems. PDF is a two-dimensional document that contains two-dimensional vector graphics, images, text, and letters.

From 1993 until now, PDF is still the choice for making formal and informal documents. For those of you who want to edit PDFs on Android, follow our methods below:

PDF Edit Using MS Word

Thanks to the presence of smartphones that almost everyone has nowadays, editing PDF files is no longer something difficult; we don’t even need a computer to do it. Editing PDF files can be done using an android phone.

As mentioned above, PDF stands for portable document format, which is widely used for various purposes, including e-books, reports, letters, journals, and other important documents. The advantage of using the PDF format is that the arrangement of the text and images in it is standard; it doesn’t change even if you open it on a different device.

This also causes PDF files cannot to be edited as quickly as other document file formats such as word, excel, or text. Before it can be edited freely, we must first change the format of the PDF file using a converter application, then edit it with an editor, then convert it again to PDF.

1. Prepare the PDF document you want to edit

First, prepare the document you want to edit and place it on the phone’s internal storage media to make it easier to find.

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2. Install the Microsoft Word application for Android

Microsoft Word is one of the best PDF reader and PDF editor apps on Android. You must be familiar with this Microsoft-owned application. To edit PDF files on Android, we can use it, just install it from the Playstore or via the link below.

3. Open PDF file with Microsoft Word

After the Microsoft Word application is installed, open the PDF file that you want to edit with the application.

4. Convert PDF to Word

PDF files that have been opened still cannot be edited. The first step we have to do is convert the PDF to WORD document. You do this by pressing the edit button (pencil icon) in the upper right corner > press OK.

Wait until the conversion process is complete.

5. Save as to .docx format

The converted document is still in read-only mode and cannot be edited; we must first save a copy in Docx format.

Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the application> select Save as

Next select the storage location > make sure the file format is .docx > click Save.

6. Edit the document as you wish

After that, the saved document will automatically open in the Microsoft Word application until here we can edit it as desired.

Click the pencil button on the toolbar > edit file as usual.

7. Convert the file again to PDF

After the document is edited as needed, we can save it in word format or return it to PDF. To save a document in PDF format, click the three-dot icon > then select Share as PDF. Then, select Save on file manager.

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Done, you have now successfully edited the PDF file using an android phone. You can use this method to edit other documents. 

Although it’s not as perfect as a PDF editor on a PC, this method is quite useful when we are in a state of urgency and can’t open a PC, so it’s enough with a cellphone to do the PDF editing process.

How to Edit Using Apps

Usually, you are required to be fast when making document repairs, so you have to edit PDF documents quickly. Unfortunately, you often have difficulty doing this one thing.

The solution, you can edit documents and change the PDF format on Android through the application. However, when looking to these apps to download them, we highly recommend keeping yourself safe on the internet. You can secure your internet connection with staying secure with your IP as well. That way, anyone would find it difficult to find your actual address. However, here’s how to edit PDF files on HP:

  1. Download the PDF Reader app available on Google Play Store and App Store
  2. Then open the PDF document in the application.
  3. To use the PDF editing features, right-click on the screen, and select an available edit feature. In PDF Reader, you can add extra notes, color important bullet points, and other things to your document.
  4. After that, save the edits to the phone storage memory.

Adding Elements to The PDF File

In addition to editing text and other content in a PDF document using the method above, we can provide doodles, notations, comments, or mark certain sections using the android application

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This is quite useful when we read a long ebook and do not want to miss important parts in it. We can mark these parts by scribbling on paper with a highlighter.

This method will also be very useful for teachers and lecturers who want to reduce the use of traditional paper and prefer PDF as a medium for making assignments. You can provide corrections, doodles, comments, and grades on tasks created by your students directly in the PDF documents they submit.

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