Downloading Facebook Stories from the PC is a process that can be done through the Story Saver extension, available for free for Google Chrome. The extension allows the user to immediately download any story published on the social network, including by commercial accounts.

The videos are downloaded in MP4 format, and the images are stored in JPEG format. Here’s how to download Facebook Stories from your computer using the Story Saver extension.

How to download Facebook Stories from PC

Step 1: To download Facebook Stories from PC, go to the Story Saver extension page in Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome”;

Story saver extension

Step 2: In this step, confirm the installation by clicking the “Add Extension” button;

Story saver extension

Step 3: After installation, log into Facebook ( and open a story;

Step 4: click on the Story Saver extension icon, located in Chrome’s address bar;

Step 5: The file will download immediately and can be run on your computer.

That’s it. Use these tips to easily download Facebook Stories from your computer.

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