How To Delete All Traces of Your Activity On Your PC or Mobile (Google, Amazon, Instagram, Windows)

Do you want to erase all traces of your activity on your PC or cell phone? Do you know that there are browsing histories with everything you search on the Internet and social networks? If you are concerned about your privacy or have something to hide, you may be interested to know that your computer and your mobile save every step and search you do on them. But, in the same way, they have options to delete them and prevent anyone from knowing about your tastes or interests. It doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Google Chrome, TikTok, Instagram, or Amazon. If you want to learn how to delete search histories and other details on your Android phone and PC, read on.

How To Clear Google Chrome Search History

How To Clear Google Chrome Search History

Of course, Google Chrome, the Internet browser, is the epicenter of our tastes, interests, and curiosities. Where we search for any item and in the end, collect all this information in the form of history. Something dangerous for some, and not very private for others. That is why there is the possibility to delete the entire history completely and leave no trace of these inclinations that we have. In addition, the good thing is that if we use Google Chrome on both mobile and computer, and under the same Google account, everything is synchronized. In this way, if you delete from one side, you delete it from the other.

To do this, go to Google Chrome on your computer and look for the three vertical dots at the top right. You will see a pop-up menu where the History section is. Click to open a second window and click on “History” again to enter the appropriate menu. Here, in a new tab, the option “Clear browsing data” will appear on the left. This brings up a new window where you will have to check the box to clear the history. And, most importantly, choose the period you want to delete, either recently or forever so that there is no trace of what you have searched on the Internet since you started using it with your account. Then click on “Clear data” and the process will take place.

As I said, by doing this, the data shared with your mobile will also be deleted. So there will be no search history neither on your computer, on your mobile, on the tablet, or on any other device where you use the same Google account to browse the Internet.

How to Delete Amazon Search History

How to Delete Amazon Search History

On Amazon, several records can reveal what we search for and what we buy. On one hand, there are orders we have made that we can delete or archive so that they do not appear in the “My Orders” menu. You will see the button to remove it from the list directly on each of these orders.

On the other side are the searches you’ve done on Amazon. Fortunately, this history is no longer shown in the web version for computers or in the Amazon shopping app. However, there is such a record on the mobile web version. So, if you have searched for something, it is possible to consult it through the Internet browser of your cell phone just by logging into Amazon.

To delete the Amazon search history, go to the web (not the application) and log in with our account. Click on the profile and look for Browsing History in the My Account section. This takes you to a new screen where all your searches are listed in the Amazon search bar. Everything you have searched for. Well, you can click on delete on each of the products that you do not want to appear here. Or, if you prefer, you can use the option that appears at the top to completely delete the entire history.

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The interesting thing is that, here, Amazon also has the option to disable the history forever. This way your searches will not be collected and there will be no new suggestions when typing anything in the search bar. It is the most effective way to never worry about the history on Amazon again. Of course, you will lose sight of those products that you looked at some time and did not file or save in the basket.

How to Clear AliExpress Search History

Whether you use the AliExpress application or its website, and you always do it with your user account active, there will be a history with all the records of what you have searched for. It is very useful to find again some products that you have already searched for. But it can reveal details that you may not want anyone to know. Well, there are two options here.

On the one hand, there is the deletion of history. Just click on the search bar to display first the history and then the search suggestions. In this case, you will see a trash can icon on the right. This removes all search terms. In other words, it is a complete deletion of history. There is no possibility to delete the terms one by one.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of completely disabling history. This way you will not have to delete it constantly. Just go to the My Account tab and click on the settings icon. Here you will see a History section. When you go in you’ll be able to turn it off to prevent any record of any of the things you search for on AliExpress from remaining.

How to Clear Instagram Search History

How to Clear Instagram Search History

Instagram can be a real headache for many users. Especially those with jealous partners. Clicking on the search bar displays the entire history of those people who have been proactively searched. And of course, some are casual searches and others may raise suspicions.

Well, to eliminate any of them, at the right of the search bar, there is an X. When you click on it, that search disappears from history forever. As if it had not existed. With this, this deletion is disguised since the rest of the searches will remain visible.

If you still want to get rid of all the history so that no trace remains, you only have to click on View all. Go to another screen where all users and topics searched in the Instagram magnifying glass are listed. The difference here is that now the “Delete All” option appears. By pressing it, you will completely get rid of history until that very moment.

How to Delete TikTok Search History

How to Delete TikTok Search History

In TikTok, two things can give you away. On the one hand, there is the algorithm, which is trained with each video you watch in its entirety, that you share or that you like or comment on. Here there is nothing to do but look for a different type of video so that you are not always shown the same thing.

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On the other hand, there is the search history, which will tell you exactly what terms you have been searching for to find related videos. Well, as with Instagram, just go to the magnifying glass in the top right corner. Here you’ll see a new screen where the people and topics you’ve recently searched for will appear. You will see that to the right of each one appears an X with which you can concretely eliminate that search among all. This way you will be able to disguise and no one will be suspicious when deleting all your history.

Likewise, if you want to get rid of all searches click on See more to display the entire history. At the end of it, you will see the option to delete everything so that there is no trace of any of your searches in TikTok.

How to Clear Google Maps and Other Google Apps History

How to Clear Google Maps and Other Google Apps History

Google has a veritable arsenal of apps and services ready to collect all your data and information. If not in Google Chrome, it can always be interested in where you are or what you are looking for in Google Maps. Or in any of its other applications. Of course, there are options to safeguard our privacy in these services. At least in the face of others.

In Google Maps, two types of records are taken without you realizing it. There are the location logs, saving every step you take and every place you visit. And the activity logs: basically what you look for through the top bar of the maps app. Well, to manage both records, you just have to click on the icon of your account at the top right and visit the “Your data” option in Maps.

Here you will find a screen with the two main sections. First, you will see the location history. Thanks to the button view and delete location history, you can travel day by day through all the records that the application has made of you. You will be able to delete the visit to a certain bar, or completely delete your wanderings on a particular day. Although you will also see, at the top, that you can delete all this history at a stroke. But the interesting thing is to go back and click on the “Activated” option. With this, you go to a new screen where you are given the option to disable this record and history so that Google Maps does not save this data again and so you do not have to delete them. Another option is to schedule automatic deletion every 3 or more months.

The other big section of the Your data in the Maps menu is the web and app activity history. Again, the View and delete button takes you to the history so you can delete any of the searches you’ve made on Google Maps. You can delete specific searches or periods of history. You can even get rid of it all. Of course, the most comfortable is that this record is never carried out. To do this, as we have explained above, you have to go back and click on Activated. This will take you to another screen where you can deactivate it completely. Of course, keep in mind that, in this case, it does not refer only to searches on Google Maps. This decision affects all Google applications that take advantage of this record. You can see a list below on the same screen. Or even click on any of them to visit the individual logs and histories, in case you want to delete any content. If you disable the option here, none of the Google apps will create search histories again.

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How to Clear Windows 10 Recent File History

How to Clear Windows 10 Recent File History

In Windows 10, there are a lot of clues about the files you have recently opened. If you right-click on a program in the taskbar, you’ll see the recently accessed files displayed. But there is an option to prevent it from appearing.

Just find the Settings menu and go to the Startup section. You will see that the last option allows you to disable recently opened items so that there is no warning or alert.

Another case is that of Recent files that appear when you start the file explorer. Here you can see which documents, photos, videos, or items have been recently viewed by the user. Well, you can right-click on the section and delete it completely. But if you do not want it to look suspicious, you can do the same with any of the listed items. By right-clicking on it and then choosing the Remove from recent files option, it will disappear from that menu. And then there will be no clues.

How to Prevent Google from Recording Every Step You Take


You may not know that Google has a privacy tool for your well-being in some of its services. We refer to the incognito mode found in applications such as Google Chrome or Google Maps. It consists of a more private mode that avoids collecting and exposing the user’s usage and search data.

Of course, it must be understood that it is not a private mode for third parties. We mean that the web pages that you visit can know that you have done so. Where there will be no record of the device or the service used. This will save you the step of deleting the history a posteriori if you use incognito mode a priori.

In Google Chrome, you will find it by clicking on the three dots at the top right. Incognito mode opens a new tab with this category and allows you to navigate knowing that these searches will not be saved on your computer or mobile.

In Google Maps, the incognito mode appears when you click on your profile in the upper right corner. Here you will see that you can start Google Maps in incognito mode. Thus, the app restarts and you can search for places without any record of those searches. Or so that Google Maps does not save any of the steps and places you visit and give.

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