Haier I-Touch Series 4: A Connected Oven That Is Controlled From Mobile

Haier is gradually creating an increasingly solid ecosystem of home appliances. The manufacturer sells refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens, to name just a few of its products. Within the latter category is the Haier I-Touch Series 4, a Wi-Fi connected oven that can be controlled from a cell phone, with pyrolytic cleaning and a design specifically designed to improve comfort.

In the following lines, we take a look at each of the details that make this Haier I-Touch Series 4 oven different, which can be found in stores for about €720. If you want to know to what extent the proposal of the Chinese brand is worth it, stay with us. But first, as usual, let’s review its technical specifications.

Haier I-Touch Series 4 Datasheet

Haier I-Touch Series 4
Integrated cleaning systemPyrolytic
Useful volume70 liters
ConnectivityAdvanced remote control and contents
Furnace guidesTelescopic
Tray included1 x 35mm
Grids 2
Features and extrasCorded meat probe, Soft close, number of functions included: 14
ConsumptionConsumption in the network in standby mode: 2W
Consumption in standby mode: 1W
Energy efficiency class: A+
Dimensions59.5 x 5.95 x 56.8 cm
Weight39.1 kg
PriceDepends on the distributor: from 718 euros

Haier I-Touch Series 4 Features Pyrolytic Cleaning System and Artificial Intelligence

Haier I-Touch Series 4

The Haier I-Touch Series 4 is an oven with pyrolytic cleaning. What exactly does this technology consist of? Well, although it’s not new, pyrolysis is usually available in high-end ovens. That’s why many consumers are still wondering how this cleaning system works. By using a very high temperature, which causes the oven to exceed 400°C, all food debris is broken down. They literally disappear because they are converted into steam and CO₂. In this way, the organic matter vanishes. The remaining inorganic materials become ash and can be easily removed with a damp cloth without using chemicals.

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Haier I-Touch Series 4

In addition to pyrolysis, we must mention the integration of an artificial intelligence system. Haier says that Climatech, which is the name given to this feature, ensures that the distribution of heat, humidity, and air is the most optimal. In this way, the oven delivers uniform cooking results.

Haier I-Touch Series 4

All of the above is made possible by the radial positioning of the fan cooling system. With Ventilation, the Haier I-Touch Series 4 maintains a constant temperature inside, without losing heat or overheating. Finally, let’s take a look at Chef Panel. This design solution partially covers the fan and causes the temperature to increase by 20% at all levels. As a result, less temperature is lost and the oven heats up faster. The function also works when the oven door is opened and closed, which is one of the times when the temperature drops the most.

The Haier I-Touch Series 4 Is A Connected Oven

Haier I-Touch Series 4

When we talk about the Haier I-Touch Series 4, we’re talking about a connected oven. Yes, it’s just what you’re thinking: it has a wifi connection. Also, the company has developed an app that will help you better control the cooking process of your food. It also supports the programming of some functions or the creation of specific modes. To add value to the proposal, Haier’s app includes recipes, tips, and suggestions for cleaning the oven and preparing a wide variety of dishes.

Haier I-Touch Series 4

On the other hand, we should also tell you about Cook with Me, a personal cooking assistant that is managed through its app. With it, you can upload your own recipes to the oven control panel and associate them with a specific cooking program. But if this is not enough for you, the catalog includes more than 300 recipes, with explanatory videos that guide the user step by step in the preparation of the different dishes. All this while the oven and the phone communicate thanks to the wireless wifi connection.

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Additional Benefits: An Oven That Aims For Comfort

The Haier I-Touch Series 4 provides some solutions that make using it much more comfortable. We refer, for example, to the telescopic slide system. These have a design that allows the total extraction of the tray. This makes it much easier to check the cooking status of the food being prepared. As you can see in the following image, the dish is completely out of the oven, while maintaining the stability of the grill.

Haier I-Touch Series 4

This detail, by the way, reduces the risk of burns when handling food during cooking. In addition, as the checks on the food are quicker and easier to make, the heat is better utilized and the oven stays closed longer.

Haier has also taken care of the interior lighting. It is called 360º Visibility. The use of a side lamp and a special enamel on the materials ensures greater visibility while the food is cooking. Both functions, the telescopic slides, and the improved lighting enhance an important aspect of any appliance: comfort.

Haier I-Touch Series 4: Price and Reviews

Haier I-Touch Series 4

The Haier I-Touch Series 4 is an oven that bets on connectivity and automatic cleaning with pyrolysis. Additionally, the manufacturer has been responsible for including a number of details that make the cooking process easier on food. Functions such as wifi connection, recipe uploading, and the configuration of different programs will allow you to enjoy even more the preparation of your favorite dishes. Similarly, the inclusion of smart design solutions such as telescopic rails and even heat distribution make this oven a very easy-to-use appliance.

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Haier I-Touch Series 4

This is a high-end oven that comes to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. The price varies depending on the distributor. At the time we published this article its lowest price was €718.

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