Haier I-Message Steam Series 4: Hydraulic and Catalytic Furnace to Simplify Cleaning

Haier is a brand with a long way to go, but it has an increasingly important place in homes thanks to its wide range of appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, and microwaves. Among the devices designed and marketed in this varied catalog is the Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 oven. The elegant black equipment which is different from Haier I-Touch Series 4 features a touch screen that integrates very well in more modern kitchens and has a number of advanced functions and features to make life easier in the kitchen.

What are we talking about? Functions such as steam cooking, give the oven life beyond traditional baking. Or Climatech, to distribute heat evenly across the entire surface. And all this with the added bonus of being able to connect it to the Internet and manage it through a mobile application. A very complete and connected oven with nine different functions is available in stores for around the price of €1,000. It is not equipped for all pockets, but if you have the money to invest we tell you everything this Haier oven can offer you.

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 Datasheet

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4
Main featuresType of oven: multilevel Power source: electricity Cleaning system: Hydrolytic + Catalytic Telescopic guide system
Other featuresUseful volume of the cavity: 70 liters Trays included: 1 x 33 mm + 1 x 50 mm + 1 x grid Assisted steam technology Advanced remote control and contents
Oven functionsTotal number of functions: 9
ExteriorBlack finish
Energy consumptionConsumption in standby mode with network functions: 2 W Consumption in standby mode: 1 W Energy efficiency class: A +
DimensionsProduct dimensions: 595 x 595 x 568 mm
WeightNet weight: 34.38 kg Gross weight: 36.08 kg

Haier Betting on Comfort in the Cleaning of the Oven

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

One of the aspects in which most appliance brands should work is to simplify the task of cleaning. Haier has complied in this case, integrating two different technologies in the Haier I-Message Steam Series 4. On the one hand, we find its catalytic panels, located on the sides of the cavity. Their operation is very simple. Thanks to the use of a specific finish, an enamel with a microporous structure, the grease is split. Due to the high temperatures reached inside the appliance, the greasy particles are converted into gas and automatically eliminated. As a result, simply wiping with a damp cloth is enough to keep the oven as good as new.

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Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

However, catalytic panels are not the only elements that make the unattractive task of cleaning the oven easier. This Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 also features a hydrolytic system. Thanks to the inclusion of a small tank, the user injects a small amount of water into the oven to generate an evaporation and condensation effect. As a result, the dirt accumulated inside the oven is moistened and eventually softened.

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

After learning about the catalytic and hydrolytic systems, you will surely agree with us that both are good ideas. After all, since both technologies aim for the same thing, i.e. keeping an oven clean with little effort, combining them can only produce good results.

User Experience Improves with a Connected Oven

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

The Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 is another device that you can connect to your home Wi-Fi network. For what purpose? The company has worked so that the cooking process can be combined with other regular tasks within the home. Its application allows access to recipes, tips, and suggestions during the preparation of dishes. As you would expect, it also allows you to know the status of the appliance and create customized programs. It is even possible to program its ignition so that the oven is always ready.

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

If you’re not sure how to prepare a dish, don’t worry. Thanks to the oven’s connectivity with your cell phone and the Haier app, you can easily follow all the steps of a recipe. When you have finished, you will receive on your device some tips to clean the oven and leave it spotless.

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Cooking Modes: Going for Steam

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

The Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 comes with a steam mode that is especially suitable for cooking the finest dishes. The idea is to make food preparation more precise and accurate. In any case, the oven uses an algorithm that has been designed by a professional chef. With it, the appliance itself is able to dose the right amount of steam during the entire cooking cycle.

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

In line with what we were saying, you should know that Haier has also included an assisted steam mode. According to the brand itself, this is a mode for all those users who like to rely on technology to get the best results. With this statement, it is very clear that Haier is confident of its effectiveness. To simplify things, even more, it is possible to access different steam functions depending on the food to be prepared, no matter if it is meat, fish, pasta, bakery, or vegetables. You always get the best temperature and steam injection.

Other Noteworthy Technologies in this Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

In addition to everything we have discussed, the Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 comes with some additional features that we should highlight. This is the case with its telescopic guides, which allow you to remove the dish completely and reduce the risk of burns. It also includes what the brand has called 360º Visibility, a combination of a side lamp and a special enamel to provide better interior lighting. Finally, we tell you about Climatech, a system capable of keeping the oven cool on the outside while it is on.

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Haier I-Message Steam Series 4: Price and Reviews

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4

There is no doubt that the Chinese firm has managed to turn the Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 is a very rounded product. The cleaning system combined with hydrolytic and catalytic technology, connectivity and remote control and the rest of the comfort features makes this oven a safe bet. But not at any price. The Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 costs no more and no less than €1000. It is, therefore, placed in the high end, away from most pockets.

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