Grundig GNFP4630XDW: Dishwasher with Prodose Automatic Dosing and Intensive Washing

When buying a dishwasher, it is important to ensure that you don’t waste more detergent than necessary, as well as the efficiency of your washings. Grundig has taken these two aspects very much into account with the Grundig GNFP4630XDW, a dishwasher with automatic ProDose dosing and intensive washing that helps avoid extra costs while reaching every corner to ensure that your dishes come out spotless thanks to its three spray arms.

The ProDose GNFP4630XDW dishwasher comes equipped with several of the German brand’s technologies which, in addition to thorough cleaning, will protect glassware. Its 16 services and 11 programs provide a wide variety of washes to adapt to any dish. This freestanding dishwasher model is available at €650 in specialized appliance stores.

Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW Datasheet

Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW
FeaturesProDose automatic dosage
16 services
11 programs
3rd cutlery tray (25 cutlery)
CornerWash technology DeepClean
intensive washing zone
Automatic door opening Automatic
Glass Care glass protection system
Dirt sensor
Extra Silent
function Express function
Display lock
Delayed start: 1/ 2 – 24:00
Free Installation
Wi-Fi connectivity
Programs and functionsPrograms: Auto, Intensive 70, Eco 50, QuickWash, Mini
Downloadable Programs: ALLinWash, QuietWash, Delicate 40, AllClean, Prewash, SelfCare
Functions: HygieneCare, Automatic Dosing, DeepClean, Delay Start, Express, HomeWhiz
Subfunctions: Key Lock, Doormatic
Energy DataEnergy efficiency class C
Noise class B
Noise level: 42 dBA
Water consumption per cycle: 9.5 liters
Energy consumption: 0.768 kWh/cycle
Safety, indicators, and electrical connectionStainless steel tank
Overflow Safety + Aquastop water safety system
3 spray levels
Rinse aid indicator
Salt indicator
Water leak indicator
Water connection failure indicator
Connected power: 1,800-2,100 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50Hz
DimensionsSuitable for column installation
Niche height: 85 cm
Depth with the door open: 115 cm
Dimensions: 85 cm (height) x 59.8 cm (width) x 60 cm (depth)
Weight: 54 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price650 euros

Automatic Detergent Dosing and Three Sprinklers

The main feature of the Grundig ProDose GNFP4630XDW dishwasher is its ProDose technology. This ensures that the required amount of detergent is used in each wash depending on the dishwasher load. This avoids wasting liquid detergent, a concern that is always on our minds when deciding to buy a dishwasher.

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With this automatic dosing system, Grundig not only saves us a few euros by not wasting detergent but also contributes to protecting the environment without compromising the cleanliness of our dishes.

On the other hand, this dishwasher also incorporates another technology, CornerWash, which ensures that the washing reaches every corner of the appliance. The model has three sprinkler arms (instead of one) that draw a rectangular path, making sure that no dish or cutlery is left uncleaned in the GNFP4630XDW’s washes.

With a stainless steel bowl, this model has two water safety systems, Overflow Safety and Aquastop, which prevent water loss in the kitchen.

Thorough Cleaning with Deep-Clean and Automatic Door System

Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW

For containers or dishes that accumulate a large amount of dirt, the Grundig ProDose GNFP4630XDW dishwasher has a specific pressure-washing zone known as DeepClean. Whether it is a pot that has accumulated large amounts of grease or a deep container such as bottles, this space of up to 30 centimeters will help you to get it cleaned as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Another environmentally friendly technology from Grundig is Doormatic, an automatic door-opening system at the end of the wash to allow the dishes to dry naturally. This type of air drying is not only more efficient than any other system but also avoids extra energy costs. When the washing is finished, you don’t have to worry about leaving the door ajar, as the dishwasher does it by itself so that the moisture from the wash can escape and your dishes can dry immediately.

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Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW

In addition to the Doormatic system, the most sustainable option, the dishwasher comes equipped with an extra drying function, SteamShine, which provides even more efficient drying using steam.

To avoid possible incidents with the door, this model incorporates the KeyLock sub-function, which leaves the door locked until it is disabled. This function is handy for families with small children, as it prevents them from opening the door easily, preventing incidents of various kinds.

Adaptable to All Types of Dishes

Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW

With Grundig’s GNFP4630XDW dishwasher you won’t have to worry too much about the dimensions of the items you want to clean, as its upper basket is height-adjustable in three different positions. This way you can adapt the interior of the dishwasher to what you want to wash. This upper basket has a telescopic rail that allows smooth sliding, a further sign of the flexibility and convenience provided by this model.

Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW

The upper basket of the dishwasher has six folding racks, while in the lower basket you will find eight such racks. In addition, you also have at your disposal an accessory for trays, pots, and pans, allowing all your dishes to be cleaned efficiently and properly secured inside the appliance. The maximum diameter of the dishes that can be placed in the upper basket is 21.5 centimeters.

Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW

For cutlery, the Grundig GNFP4630XDW has reserved its third tray, in which up to 25 pieces of cutlery can be placed. This tray has a specific sprinkler so that all your cutlery comes out shiny regardless of their level of dirt.

Virus and Bacteria, Free Dosges, and a More Efficient Inverter Motor

Grundig Prodose GNFP4630XDW inverter Motor

Another feature worth highlighting in the Grundig GNFP4630XDW dishwasher is the HygieneCare function, which removes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from your dishes in each wash. This function raises the temperature of each wash and drying cycle so that in addition to having your dishes, glasses, and cutlery clean, they are also completely sanitized.

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As for the dishwasher’s motor, Grundig equips this model with its EcoMotor Inverter, an induction motor that operates without the need for brushes. This motor offers a lower level of friction than other dishwashers, as well as less overheating. This translates into a longer motor life, which is more efficient and twice as quiet as your old dishwasher. A 10-year extended motor warranty can be applied to this model.

Connectivity with the Grundig HomeWhiz App

Grundig appliances also can be managed from the HomeWhiz app. By connecting your dishwasher, which has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can receive notifications for proper operation. If the appliance requires the filter to be cleaned or suffers a water leak, you can receive a notification directly on your cell phone so that you can act immediately. This app also helps you to diagnose faults quickly and easily.

By connecting the GNFP4630XDW dishwasher to the HomeWhiz app, you can also download several extra washing programs, such as QuietWash or Delicate 40 (see data sheet above). Suppose you are not particularly familiar with the different types of programs and you have doubts about which one to use. In that case, HomeWhiz will also allow you to check which ones are the most suitable according to the time available or the number of dishes inside the appliance.

This app brings a notable plus of convenience to the user, as it also allows you to set a delayed start for the dishwasher. With this option, you can select the time you want the dishwasher to start, which is especially useful for saving money on your electricity bill by choosing a more favorable time slot for lower costs.

Dimensions and Energy Consumption

The GNFP4630XDW free-standing dishwasher from Grundig is easily adaptable to any type of kitchen, as it is suitable for column installation. Its measurements are 85 centimeters high, 59.8 centimeters wide, and 60 centimeters deep. With the door open, the depth rises to 115 centimeters. With a weight of 54 kilos, this model adapts easily to any available space in your kitchen.

In terms of energy consumption, each cycle consumes 0.768 kWh, while using 9.5 liters of water per cycle. The GNFP4630XDW is labeled C for energy efficiency and B for noise level 42 dBa.

In short, the GNFP4630XDW dishwasher from Grundig has the latest technologies of the reputable German brand with which you will get a very efficient result in your washing while respecting the environment thanks to technologies such as ProDose, which avoids the excessive waste of detergent. For a price of 650 euros, you can get a very complete dishwasher model that also brings a plus of comfort thanks to its connectivity with the HomeWhiz app from Grundig.

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