GeForce Experience: learn how to download Nvidia GPU software

GeForce Experience is software from Nvidia that allows you to optimize the performance of games and apps. The program grants access to advanced features available on the brand’s GeForce GTX and RTX cards, both on desktops and laptops with a dedicated GPU.

With the application, you can use Ansel technology to make polished screenshots in games, apply filters that change the graphics, and enable automatic driver updates, for example. Thus, you don’t have to open the Nvidia website for a new update, as GeForce Experience checks for an update unintentionally and can even download and install the package. Below you can find out how to install and use the program on your computer.

GeForce Experience

How to download GeForce Experience

Step 1: You can visit the GeForce Experience. Just click the “Download” button to start copying the file to your computer. You can also install the software via the drivers of your video card;

Step 2: After the download is complete, run the installer;

Step 3: with the app installed and running, you will be asked to create an Nvidia account, or use an existing one to log in to the service;

Step 4: once you have created an account, or logged in, you will be taken to the main GeForce Experience screen.

Optimizing with GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience

Nvidia’s software has several features. Their offer may vary depending on the model of your card: newer, more powerful GPUs will have access to more tools. Perhaps the main feature is the automatic optimization of games and apps, which promises to adopt the optimal settings for the best possible performance according to the hardware you have.

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Step 1: To do the optimizations, click on “Settings”;

Step 2: Under “Settings”, select “Games and Applications”;

Step 3: At first, GeForce Experience should find compatible apps and games installed on your system by itself. To force a scan, click “Scan Now”;

Step 4: to automatically optimize apps and games, select the “Optimize automatically” option.

Updating drivers

GeForce Experience is also an agile tool for updating graphics card drivers. The app can detect new updates and notify the user in Windows 10.

Step 1: click on the “Drivers” tab;

Step 2: GeForce Experience will automatically check the driver installed on your computer with the latest one available. If you are entitled to an update, you can start the download and install it directly from the app.

How to use the game overlay

GeForce Experience

The overlay is like a taskbar that Nvidia provides for accessing driver features within games. With an overlay, you can capture screen and video via Nvidia Ansel, apply filters, and even start your live broadcasts.

Step 1: The first tip is to set up a keyboard shortcut to activate the overlay. By default, the key combination is ALT + Z, but you can change it by going to “Settings”, “General”, “Game Overlay Settings” and “Keyboard Shortcuts”;

Step 2: The overlay consists of a shortcut bar for advanced GeForce Experience functions. Featured functions are “Instant replay”, “Record”, and “LIVE broadcast”, which allow you to record video and broadcast your match;

Step 3: In the left corner, “Screen Capture” makes a simple screenshot of the action on the screen, while “Photo Mode” uses Ansel features for more creative and immersive captures in compatible games. The “Game Filter” lets you apply filters that modify the graphical appearance of various games;

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Step 4: In the other corner of the Overlay, you will find performance meters, where you can check the FPS rate in real-time, for example. You can also access the gallery of recent captures, shortcuts to stop recording the camera and microphone audio, and general Overlay settings.

Other functions and settings

As we mentioned earlier, the level and variety of settings and features available in Nvidia’s software will depend on your video card model.

Step 1: you can check the features supported by your GPU under “Settings” in the “Features” list;

Laptop card users can use features that make the GPU operation quieter, or increase the overall performance of the card in “Whisper Mode” and “Battery Boost”.

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